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IMHO this property is insufficient for several reasons:

  • the comment "The page number in (an edition of) a written work" is not quite clear: does that mean "number of pages"?
  • range shouldn't be xsd:integer, e.g. consider the book Relativity : the special theory that has "xiv, 459 pages"
  • cannot represent pagination of an article

Can't we just use the respective BIBO properties?

  • bibo:pages "A string of non-contiguous page spans that locate a Document within a Collection. Example: 23-25, 34, 54-56. For continuous page ranges, use the pageStart and pageEnd properties."
  • bibo:pageStart "Starting page number within a continuous page range."
  • bibo:pageEnd "Ending page number within a continuous page range."
  • bibo:numPages "The number of pages contained in a document"

--VladimirAlexiev 16:45, 22 December 2014 (UTC)

Yeah, you are right about the pageNumber property, I didn't give it too much thought and will change it to xsd:string. It is also useful to know, that as far as I know no page numbers are being extracted. In an internet encyclopedia, it is hardly likely that details of written works will be described at so minute a level (unless for indicating sources). However, I use the page numbers property for data to which the DBpedia ontology is serving as a reference model. If we could incorporate the Bibo model, of course, I would welcome that. --User:GerardKuys

I'm still not entirely clear about the purpose "The page number in (an edition of) a written work at which a thought or quote can be found": so is this a property of a thought/quote? Together with the Work that contains the quote?

Re BIBO: we could just use a BIBO property by making an OntologyProperty page with its name. (Modulo rdfs:domain, in case someone decides to load BIBO...) --VladimirAlexiev 13:11, 23 December 2014 (UTC)