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| rdfs:label = Flowering Plant
| labels =  
{{label|en|flowering plant}}
{{label|de|bedecktsamige Pflanze}}
{{label|el|ανθοφόρο φυτό}}
{{label|fr| angiospermes}}
{{label|ja| 被子植物}}
{{label|ur| پھولوں کا پودا}}
| rdfs:subClassOf = Plant
| rdfs:subClassOf = Plant

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Ontology class (help)
rdfs:label (en)flowering plant
rdfs:label (de)bedecktsamige Pflanze
rdfs:label (nl)bedektzadigen
rdfs:label (it)magnoliofita
rdfs:label (es)angiosperma
rdfs:label (el)ανθοφόρο φυτό
rdfs:label (fr) angiospermes
rdfs:label (ja) 被子植物
rdfs:label (ur) پھولوں کا پودا
rdfs:subClassOf Plant