Album (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (pl): album (wydawnictwo muzyczne)
Label (de): Album
Label (el): album
Label (fr): album
Label (it): album
Label (es): album
Label (ga): albam
Label (gl): álbum
Label (da): album
Label (zh): 照片集
Label (ko): 앨범
Label (nl): album
Label (pt): álbum
Label (ja): アルバム
Label (en): album
Super classes: MusicalWork

Properties on Album:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
albumRuntime (edit) album duration Album Time
artist (edit) performer MusicalWork Agent The performer or creator of the musical work.
compiler (edit) compiler Album Person For compilation albums: the person or entity responsible for selecting the album's track listing.
longtype (edit) longtype Album xsd:string can be used to include more informations e.g. the name of the artist that a tribute album is in honor of
lyrics (edit) lyrics MusicalWork Person Creator of the text of a MusicalWork, eg Musical, Opera or Song
musicFormat (edit) musicFormat Album xsd:string The format of the album: EP, Single etc.
musicType (edit) musicType MusicalWork owl:Thing Type is too general. We should be able to distinguish types of music from types of architecture
musicalKey (edit) musical key MusicalWork xsd:string
recordDate (edit) record date MusicalWork xsd:date
recordedIn (edit) recorded in MusicalWork PopulatedPlace
review (edit) review Album xsd:anyURI
totalDiscs (edit) total discs Album xsd:integer the total number of discs contained in the album
totalTracks (edit) total tracks Album xsd:integer the total number of tracks contained in the album