AmericanFootballPlayer (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (it): giocatore di football americano
Label (el): παίκτης αμερικανικού ποδοσφαίρου
Label (fr): joueur de football américain
Label (de): American Footballspieler
Label (gl): xogador de fútbol americano
Label (es): jugador de fútbol americano
Label (ja): アメリカンフットボール選手
Label (en): american football player
Label (ko): 미식 축구 선수
Label (nl): American footballspeler
Super classes: GridironFootballPlayer

Properties on AmericanFootballPlayer:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
bbr (edit) BBR GridironFootballPlayer xsd:string For NBA players, the text between the last slash and .html in the URL of the player's profile (linked at
draftPick (edit) draft pick GridironFootballPlayer xsd:string
draftRound (edit) draft round GridironFootballPlayer xsd:string
supplementalDraftYear (edit) supplemental draft year GridironFootballPlayer xsd:gYear
undraftedYear (edit) undrafted year GridironFootballPlayer xsd:gYear