BusCompany (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (el): εταιρία λεωφορείων
Label (ga): comhlacht bus
Label (fr): compagnie d'autobus
Label (de): Busunternehmen
Label (es): compañía de autobuses
Label (en): bus company
Label (nl): busmaatschappij
Super classes: PublicTransitSystem

Properties on BusCompany:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
destination (edit) destination PublicTransitSystem PopulatedPlace
importantStation (edit) important station PublicTransitSystem Station Destinations, depots, junctions, major stops, hubs...
numberOfLines (edit) number of lines PublicTransitSystem xsd:nonNegativeInteger Number of lines in the transit system.
numberOfVehicles (edit) number of vehicles PublicTransitSystem xsd:nonNegativeInteger Number of vehicles used in the transit system.
reportingMark (edit) reporting mark PublicTransitSystem xsd:string A reporting mark is a two-, three-, or four-letter alphabetic code used to identify owners or lessees of rolling stock and other equipment used on the North American railroad network.
vehiclesInFleet (edit) vehicle types in fleet PublicTransitSystem MeanOfTransportation Points out means of transport contained in the companies vehicle fleet.