ChemicalCompound (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (el): χημική ένωση
Label (ja): 化合物
Label (de): chemische Verbindung
Label (it): composto chimico
Label (pt): composto químico
Label (en): chemical compound
Label (ko): 화합물
Label (nl): chemisch component
Label (fr): produit chimique
Label (ga): comhdhúileach
Super classes: ChemicalSubstance

Properties on ChemicalCompound:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
aggregation (edit) Aggregation ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
boilingPoint (edit) boiling point ChemicalSubstance Temperature
carcinogen (edit) carcinogen ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
flashPoint (edit) flash point ChemicalSubstance xsd:integer lowest temperature at which a substance can vaporize and start burning
formula (edit) formula ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
inchi (edit) The IUPAC International Chemical Identifier ChemicalCompound xsd:string
inn (edit) INN ChemicalCompound xsd:string International Nonproprietary Name given to a pharmaceutical substance
lethalOnChickens (edit) lethal when given to chickens ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
lethalOnMice (edit) lethal when given to mice ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
lethalOnRabbits (edit) lethal when given to rabbits ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
lethalOnRats (edit) lethal when given to rats ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
molecularWeight (edit) molecular weight ChemicalSubstance xsd:nonNegativeInteger
notSolubleIn (edit) not soluble in ChemicalSubstance ChemicalSubstance
pubchem (edit) PubChem ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
smiles (edit) SMILES ChemicalCompound xsd:string The Simplified Molecular-Input Line-Entry System or SMILES is a specification in form of a line notation for describing the structure of chemical molecules using short ASCII strings.
solubility (edit) solubility ChemicalSubstance xsd:integer
solventWithBadSolubility (edit) solvent with bad solubility ChemicalSubstance ChemicalSubstance
solventWithGoodSolubility (edit) solvent with good solubility ChemicalSubstance ChemicalSubstance
solventWithMediocreSolubility (edit) solvent with mediocre solubility ChemicalSubstance ChemicalSubstance