Church (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (pt): igreja
Label (ja): 教会
Label (de): Kirche
Label (fr): église
Label (es): iglesia
Label (ko): 교회
Label (da): kirke
Label (ur): گرجا
Label (ga): eaglais
Label (it): chiesa
Label (nl): kerk
Label (pl): kościół
Label (en): church
Label (el): εκκλησία
Comment (en): This is used for church buildings, not any other meaning of church.
Comment (ur): یہ چرچ کی عمارتوں کے لیے استعمال ہوتا ہے ، چرچ کا کوئی دوسرا مطلب نہیں۔
Super classes: ReligiousBuilding

Properties on Church:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
bishopric (edit) bishopric ReligiousBuilding owl:Thing A bishopric (diocese or episcopal see) is a district under the supervision of a bishop. It is divided into parishes. Compare with eparchy
cemetery (edit) cemetery ReligiousBuilding Cemetery
eparchy (edit) eparchy ReligiousBuilding owl:Thing Compare with bishopric
organ (edit) organ ReligiousBuilding Organ Name and/or description of the organ
relics (edit) relics ReligiousBuilding xsd:string Physical remains or personal effects of a saint or venerated person, preserved in a religious building