Competition (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (ga): comórtas
Label (en): competition
Label (de): Wettbewerb
Label (fr): compétition
Label (nl): competitie
Label (el): διαγωνισμός
Super classes: Event

Properties on Competition:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
causedBy (edit) caused by Event owl:Thing
damage (edit) damage amount Event Currency
duration (edit) duration Event Time The duration of the item (movie, audio recording, event, etc.) in ISO 8601 date format
endDate (edit) end date Event xsd:date The end date of the event.
endDateTime (edit) end date and time Event xsd:dateTime The end date and time of the event.
followingEvent (edit) following event Event Event
nextEvent (edit) next event Event Event
numberOfPeopleAttending (edit) number of people attending Event xsd:nonNegativeInteger
participant (edit) participant Event xsd:string
previousEvent (edit) previous event Event Event
startDate (edit) start date Event xsd:date The start date of the event.
startDateTime (edit) start date and time Event xsd:dateTime The start date and time of the event.