Dancer (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (pl): tancerz
Label (de): Tänzer
Label (el): χορευτής
Label (fr): danceur
Label (it): ballerino
Label (ga): damhsóir
Label (nl): danser
Label (ja): ダンサー
Label (en): dancer
Super classes: Artist

Properties on Dancer:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
academyAward (edit) Academy Award Artist Award
afiAward (edit) AFI Award Artist Award
associatedAct (edit) associated act Artist Artist
baftaAward (edit) BAFTA Award Artist Award
cesarAward (edit) Cesar Award Artist Award
disciple (edit) disciple Artist Artist A person who learns from another, especially one who then teaches others..
dutchRKDCode (edit) Dutch RKD code Artist xsd:string
emmyAward (edit) Emmy Award Artist Award
field (edit) field Artist owl:Thing
filmFareAward (edit) Film Fare Award Artist Award
gaudiAward (edit) Gaudí Award Artist Award Awards of the Catalan Academy of Cinema
goldenGlobeAward (edit) Golden Globe Award Artist Award
goyaAward (edit) Goya Award Artist Award
grammyAward (edit) Grammy Award Artist Award
instrument (edit) instrument Artist Instrument
mentor (edit) mentor Artist Artist A wise and trusted counselor or teacher
movement (edit) movement Artist owl:Thing artistic movement or school with which artist is associated
polishFilmAward (edit) Polish Film Award Artist Award
style (edit) style Artist owl:Thing
tonyAward (edit) Tony Award Artist Award
training (edit) training Artist EducationalInstitution
voiceType (edit) voice type Artist owl:Thing voice type of a singer or an actor