Eukaryote (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (ja): 真核生物
Label (es): eucarionte
Label (de): Eukaryoten
Label (fr): eucaryote
Label (ur): خلوی مادہ
Label (ko): 진핵생물
Label (ga): eocarót
Label (en): eukaryote
Label (nl): eukaryoot
Label (el): ευκαρυωτικό
Super classes: Species

Properties on Eukaryote:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
binomial (edit) binomial Species owl:Thing used to name species with a name consisting of two words.
binomialAuthority (edit) binomial authority Species owl:Thing
clade (edit) clade Species owl:Thing
classis (edit) classis Species owl:Thing the living thing class (from the Latin "classis"), according to the biological taxonomy
conservationStatus (edit) conservation status Species xsd:string
conservationStatusSystem (edit) conservation status system Species xsd:string
domain (edit) domain Species owl:Thing
extinctionYear (edit) extinction year Species xsd:gYear !!! Do NOT use this property for non Species related dates!!! - Year this species went extinct.
family (edit) family Species Species
fossil (edit) fossil Species Species
genus (edit) genus Species owl:Thing A rank in the classification of organisms, below family and above species; a taxon at that rank
kingdom (edit) kingdom Species owl:Thing In biology, kingdom (Latin: regnum, pl. regna) is a taxonomic rank, which is either the highest rank or in the more recent three-domain system, the rank below domain.
order (edit) order (taxonomy) Species owl:Thing
parentheses (edit) parentheses Species owl:Thing
phylum (edit) phylum Species owl:Thing A rank in the classification of organisms, below kingdom and above class; also called a division, especially in describing plants; a taxon at that rank.
redListIdNL (edit) red list ID NL Species xsd:integer red list code for treatened species NL (different from IUCN)
scientificName (edit) scientific name Species xsd:string
species (edit) species Species Species
subClassis (edit) sub-classis Species owl:Thing a subdivision within a Species classis
subFamily (edit) sub-family Species Taxon
subGenus (edit) subgenus Species owl:Thing A rank in the classification of organisms, below genus ; a taxon at that rank
subOrder (edit) sub-order Species owl:Thing
subTribus (edit) subtribus Species Species
superFamily (edit) super-family Species Taxon
superOrder (edit) super-order Species owl:Thing
superTribus (edit) supertribus Species Species
taxon (edit) has taxon Species Taxon
tribus (edit) tribus Species Species
woRMS (edit) WoRMS Species owl:Thing World Register of Marine Species