GraveMonument (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (de): Grabdenkmal
Label (fr): pierre tombale ou monument funéraire
Label (ur): قبر کی یادگار
Label (nl): grafsteen of grafmonument
Label (en): grave stone or grave monument
Comment (en): A monument erected on a tomb, or a memorial stone.
Comment (ur): ایک یادگار ایک مقبرے پر کھڑی کی گئی ، یا ایک یادگار پتھر
Super classes: Monument

Properties on GraveMonument:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
dateUnveiled (edit) date unveiled Monument xsd:date Designates the unveiling date
groupCommemorated (edit) group commemorated Monument xsd:string Designates the category of people commemorated by a monument
inCemetery (edit) in cemetery GraveMonument Cemetery