HumanGeneLocation (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (el): τοποθεσία του ανθρώπινου γονιδίου
Label (de): Humangen Lokation
Label (ja): ヒト遺伝子座
Label (en): HumanGeneLocation
Label (nl): menselijk genoom locatie
Super classes: GeneLocation

Properties on HumanGeneLocation:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
geneLocationEnd (edit) gene location end GeneLocation xsd:integer the end of the gene
geneLocationStart (edit) gene location start GeneLocation xsd:integer the start of the gene coordinates
genomeDB (edit) Genome DB GeneLocation xsd:string the edition of the database used (i.e. hg19)
onChromosome (edit) on chromosome GeneLocation xsd:integer the number corresponding to the chromosome on which the gene is located