MilitaryConflict (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (el): στρατιωτική σύγκρουση
Label (fr): conflit militaire
Label (de): militärischer Konflikt
Label (da): militær konflikt
Label (en): military conflict
Label (ko): 전쟁
Label (nl): militair conflict
Super classes: SocietalEvent

Properties on MilitaryConflict:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
causalties (edit) causalties MilitaryConflict xsd:string
combatant (edit) combatant MilitaryConflict xsd:string
isPartOfMilitaryConflict (edit) is part of military conflict MilitaryConflict MilitaryConflict
opponents (edit) opponents MilitaryConflict owl:Thing "opponent in a military conflict, an organisation, country, or group of countries. "
place (edit) place of military conflict MilitaryConflict PopulatedPlace
result (edit) result MilitaryConflict xsd:string
strength (edit) strength MilitaryConflict xsd:string