Mineral (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (it): minerale
Label (el): ορυκτό
Label (fr): minéral
Label (de): mineral
Label (ja): 鉱物
Label (en): mineral
Label (ko): 광물
Label (nl): mineraal
Comment (en): A naturally occurring solid chemical substance.
Comment (it): Corpi naturali inorganici, in genere solidi.
Super classes: ChemicalSubstance

Properties on Mineral:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
aggregation (edit) Aggregation ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
boilingPoint (edit) boiling point ChemicalSubstance Temperature
carcinogen (edit) carcinogen ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
chEMBL (edit) ChEMBL ChemicalSubstance xsd:string ChEMBL is a manually curated chemical database of bioactive molecules with drug-like properties.
chemSpiderId (edit) ChemSpider Id ChemicalSubstance xsd:string identifier in a free chemical database, owned by the Royal Society of Chemistry
chemicalFormula (edit) chemical formula ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
flashPoint (edit) flash point ChemicalSubstance xsd:integer lowest temperature at which a substance can vaporize and start burning
formula (edit) formula ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
kegg (edit) KEGG ChemicalSubstance xsd:string Bioinformatics resource for deciphering the genome.
lethalOnChickens (edit) lethal when given to chickens ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
lethalOnMice (edit) lethal when given to mice ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
lethalOnRabbits (edit) lethal when given to rabbits ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
lethalOnRats (edit) lethal when given to rats ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
molarMass (edit) molar mass ChemicalSubstance xsd:double
molecularWeight (edit) molecular weight ChemicalSubstance xsd:nonNegativeInteger
notSolubleIn (edit) not soluble in ChemicalSubstance ChemicalSubstance
partitionCoefficient (edit) Partition coefficient ChemicalSubstance xsd:float
pubchem (edit) PubChem ChemicalSubstance xsd:string
solubility (edit) solubility ChemicalSubstance xsd:integer
solvent (edit) solvent ChemicalSubstance ChemicalSubstance
solventWithBadSolubility (edit) solvent with bad solubility ChemicalSubstance ChemicalSubstance
solventWithGoodSolubility (edit) solvent with good solubility ChemicalSubstance ChemicalSubstance
solventWithMediocreSolubility (edit) solvent with mediocre solubility ChemicalSubstance ChemicalSubstance
unNumber (edit) UN number ChemicalSubstance xsd:string four-digit numbers that identify hazardous substances, and articles in the framework of international transport
vaporPressure (edit) vapor pressure ChemicalSubstance hectopascal