Musical (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (ja): ミュージカル
Label (de): Musical
Label (fr): musique
Label (ko): 뮤지컬
Label (ur): موسیقی کا
Label (nl): musical
Label (en): musical
Label (el): μουσικός
Super classes: MusicalWork

Properties on Musical:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
artist (edit) performer MusicalWork Agent The performer or creator of the musical work.
featuring (edit) featuring MusicalWork Agent Name of the second artist, apart the main artist, reserved preferently for singles, promotional singles and songs.
italicTitle (edit) italic title MusicalWork xsd:string Controls whether the title of the article is shown in italics.
lyrics (edit) lyrics MusicalWork Person Creator of the text of a MusicalWork, eg Musical, Opera or Song
mainArtist (edit) main artist MusicalWork Agent Name of the main artist in the group.
musicBy (edit) music by Musical Person
musicType (edit) musicType MusicalWork owl:Thing Type is too general. We should be able to distinguish types of music from types of architecture
musicalKey (edit) musical key MusicalWork xsd:string
outputHistory (edit) output history MusicalWork xsd:string Existence of multiple output dates.
recordDate (edit) record date MusicalWork xsd:date
recordedIn (edit) recorded in MusicalWork PopulatedPlace