NationalAnthem (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (de): Nationalhymne
Label (fr): Hymne national
Label (ga): amhrán náisiúnta
Label (nl): volkslied
Label (en): National anthem
Comment (en): Patriotic musical composition which is the offcial national song.
Super classes: MusicalWork

Properties on NationalAnthem:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
artist (edit) performer MusicalWork Agent The performer or creator of the musical work.
lyrics (edit) lyrics MusicalWork Person Creator of the text of a MusicalWork, eg Musical, Opera or Song
musicType (edit) musicType MusicalWork owl:Thing Type is too general. We should be able to distinguish types of music from types of architecture
musicalKey (edit) musical key MusicalWork xsd:string
recordDate (edit) record date MusicalWork xsd:date
recordedIn (edit) recorded in MusicalWork PopulatedPlace