Organisation (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (ja): 組織
Label (es): organización
Label (pt): organização
Label (de): Organisation
Label (fr): organisation
Label (da): organisation
Label (ur): تنظیم
Label (ko): 조직
Label (ru): Организация
Label (en): organisation
Label (nl): organisatie
Label (sl): organizacija
Label (el): οργάνωση
Super classes: Agent

Properties on Organisation:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
administrator (edit) administrator Organisation Person
age (edit) age Agent xsd:integer
artPatron (edit) patron (art) Agent Artist An influential, wealthy person who supported an artist, craftsman, a scholar or a noble. . See also
ceo (edit) chief executive officer Organisation Person
chairperson (edit) chairperson Organisation Person
championships (edit) championships Agent xsd:nonNegativeInteger
chaplain (edit) chaplain Organisation Person
childOrganisation (edit) child organisation Organisation Organisation
denomination (edit) denomination Agent owl:Thing Religious denomination of a church, religious school, etc. Examples: Haredi_Judaism, Sunni_Islam, Seventh-day_Adventist_Church, Non-Denominational, Multi-denominational, Non-denominational_Christianity
discipline (edit) discipline Agent owl:Thing
endowment (edit) endowment Organisation Currency
formationDate (edit) formation date Organisation xsd:date same as OntologyProperty:FoundingDate?
formationYear (edit) formation year Organisation xsd:gYear equivalent / sub property of OntologyProperty:foundingYear?
foundationPlace (edit) foundation place Organisation City
generalCouncil (edit) general council Agent TermOfOffice
headquarter (edit) headquarter Organisation PopulatedPlace
hometown (edit) home town Agent Settlement
ideology (edit) ideology Agent Ideology
juniorSeason (edit) junior season Agent owl:Thing
leaderFunction (edit) leaderFunction Organisation PersonFunction
legalForm (edit) legal form Organisation owl:Thing There are many types of business entity defined in the legal systems of various countries. These include corporations, cooperatives, partnerships, sole traders, limited liability company and other specialized types of organization.
locationCity (edit) location city Organisation City City the thing is located.
mainOrgan (edit) main organ Organisation owl:Thing
managerSeason (edit) manager season Agent owl:Thing
membership (edit) membership Organisation rdf:langString
mergedWith (edit) merged with Organisation Organisation
nationalSelection (edit) national selection Agent owl:Thing
numberOfEmployees (edit) number of employees Organisation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfLocations (edit) number of locations Organisation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfStaff (edit) number of staff Organisation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfVolunteers (edit) number of volunteers Organisation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
organisationMember (edit) organisation member Organisation OrganisationMember Identify the members of an organisation.
owns (edit) owns Agent Thing Used as if meaning: has property rights over
parentOrganisation (edit) parent organisation Organisation Organisation
playerSeason (edit) player season Agent owl:Thing
product (edit) product Organisation owl:Thing
ranking (edit) ranking Organisation xsd:positiveInteger
regionServed (edit) region served Organisation Place
regionalCouncil (edit) regional council Agent TermOfOffice
revenue (edit) revenue Organisation Currency
roleInEvent (edit) A Person's role in an event Agent Event
season (edit) season Agent owl:Thing
secretaryGeneral (edit) secretary Organisation Person
service (edit) service Organisation owl:Thing
staff (edit) staff Organisation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
superintendent (edit) superintendent Organisation Person
trustee (edit) trustee Organisation Person