Saint (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (de): Heilige
Label (el): Πληροφορίες Αγίου
Label (fr): saint
Label (ga): naomh
Label (ko): 성인
Label (nl): heilige
Label (ja): 聖人
Label (en): saint
Super classes: Cleric

Properties on Saint:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
abbeychurchBlessing (edit) abbey church blessing Cleric xsd:string
abbeychurchBlessingCharge (edit) abbey church blessing charge Cleric xsd:string
beatifiedBy (edit) beatified by Saint Person
beatifiedDate (edit) beatified date Saint xsd:date
beatifiedPlace (edit) beatified place Saint PopulatedPlace
canonizedBy (edit) canonized by Saint Person
canonizedDate (edit) canonized date Saint xsd:date
canonizedPlace (edit) canonized place Saint PopulatedPlace
consecration (edit) consecration Cleric xsd:string
iconographicAttributes (edit) iconographic attributes Saint rdf:langString Standard iconographic elements used when depicting a Saint: pontifical, episcopal, insignia, martyrdom instruments
majorShrine (edit) major shrine Saint owl:Thing
reigningPope (edit) reigning pope Cleric Pope
suppreddedDate (edit) suppredded date Saint xsd:date Date when the Church forbade the veneration of this saint. (I hope that's what it means, I don't know why the original author didn't document it)
veneratedIn (edit) venerated in Saint Organisation