School (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (ga): scoil
Label (it): scuola
Label (en): school
Label (pt): escola
Label (pl): szkoła
Label (da): skole
Label (de): Schule
Label (es): escuela
Label (fr): école
Label (ko): 학교
Label (nl): school
Label (ja): 学校
Label (el): σχολείο
Super classes: EducationalInstitution

Properties on School:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
actScore (edit) ACT score School owl:Thing most recent average ACT scores
actingHeadteacher (edit) acting headteacher School Person
administrator (edit) administrator School Person
alumni (edit) alumni EducationalInstitution Person
assistantPrincipal (edit) assistant principal School owl:Thing
averageClassSize (edit) average class size School xsd:float
barPassRate (edit) bar pass rate School xsd:float
campusSize (edit) campus size School Area
campusType (edit) campus type School rdf:langString
ceeb (edit) ceeb School xsd:string
chaplain (edit) chaplain School Person
classes (edit) classes School xsd:nonNegativeInteger
closed (edit) closed EducationalInstitution xsd:date
custodian (edit) custodian School Person
dean (edit) dean EducationalInstitution Person
dfE (edit) DfE School owl:Thing Department for Education (UK) number of a school in England or Wales
educationSystem (edit) education system EducationalInstitution owl:Thing
executiveHeadteacher (edit) executive headteacher School Person
facultySize (edit) faculty size EducationalInstitution xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of faculty members
fees (edit) fees School Currency
grades (edit) grades School owl:Thing
head (edit) head EducationalInstitution Person
headLabel (edit) head label School rdf:langString
headteacher (edit) head teacher School Person
lowerAge (edit) lower age School xsd:nonNegativeInteger
nationalRanking (edit) national ranking School xsd:positiveInteger
nobelLaureates (edit) nobel laureates School Person
numberOfAcademicStaff (edit) number of academic staff EducationalInstitution xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfClassrooms (edit) number of classrooms School owl:Thing
numberOfGraduateStudents (edit) number of graduate students EducationalInstitution xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfStudents (edit) number of students EducationalInstitution xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfUndergraduateStudents (edit) number of undergraduate students EducationalInstitution xsd:nonNegativeInteger
offeredClasses (edit) offered classes School xsd:string
officialSchoolColour (edit) official school colour EducationalInstitution xsd:string The official colour of the EducationalInstitution represented by the colour name (e.g.: red or green).
oversight (edit) oversight School xsd:string
principal (edit) principal EducationalInstitution Person Principal of an educational institution (school)
ranking (edit) ranking School xsd:positiveInteger
rector (edit) rector EducationalInstitution Person
religiousHead (edit) religious head School owl:Thing
religiousHeadLabel (edit) religious head label School owl:Thing
reopened (edit) reopened School xsd:date
rival (edit) rival School School
satScore (edit) SAT score School owl:Thing most recent average SAT scores
schoolBoard (edit) school board School owl:Thing
schoolCode (edit) school code School xsd:string
schoolNumber (edit) school number School xsd:string
schoolPatron (edit) school patron School owl:Thing
sixthFormStudents (edit) sixth form students School xsd:string
staff (edit) staff EducationalInstitution xsd:nonNegativeInteger
teachingStaff (edit) teaching staff School owl:Thing
teamName (edit) team name School rdf:langString
testaverage (edit) testaverage School xsd:float
tuition (edit) tuition School Currency
uRN (edit) unique reference number (URN) School owl:Thing DfE unique reference number of a school in England or Wales
upperAge (edit) upper age School xsd:nonNegativeInteger
vicePrincipal (edit) vice principal School Person
vicePrincipalLabel (edit) vice principal label School owl:Thing