SocietalEvent (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (en): societal event
Label (fr): évènement collectif
Label (de): gesellschatliches Ereignis
Label (nl): maatschappelijke gebeurtenis
Comment (en): an event that is clearly different from strictly personal events
Super classes: Event

Properties on SocietalEvent:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
causedBy (edit) caused by Event owl:Thing
damage (edit) damage amount Event Currency
endDate (edit) end date Event xsd:date The end date of the event.
endDateTime (edit) end date and time Event xsd:dateTime The end date and time of the event.
followingEvent (edit) following event Event Event
nextEvent (edit) next event Event Event
numberOfPeopleAttending (edit) number of people attending Event xsd:nonNegativeInteger
participant (edit) participant Event xsd:string
previousEvent (edit) previous event Event Event
startDate (edit) start date Event xsd:date The start date of the event.
startDateTime (edit) start date and time Event xsd:dateTime The start date and time of the event.