WindMotor (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (en): Wind motor
Label (de): Windkraft
Label (fr): éolienne
Label (nl): Roosmolen
Comment (en): A wind-driven turbine that adapts itself to wind direction and to wind-force. Is considered to be a class in its own, despite the wind as common factor with Windmill.
Super classes: Mill

Properties on WindMotor:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
ableToGrind (edit) able to grind Mill xsd:string
grindingCapability (edit) grinding capability Mill xsd:string grinding capability for Mills
millSpan (edit) mill span Mill Length
millType (edit) mill type Mill owl:Thing
millsCodeBE (edit) mill code BE Mill xsd:string mills code from the Belgian database on mills
millsCodeDutch (edit) mill code NL Mill xsd:string
millsCodeNL (edit) mill code NL Mill xsd:string mills code from the central Dutch database on mills
millsCodeNLVerdwenen (edit) mill dissapeared code NL Mill xsd:string
millsCodeNLWindmotoren (edit) millsCodeNLWindmotoren Mill xsd:string