Statistics for template Infobox German state and its DBpedia mapping

44.19 % properties are mapped ( 19 of 43 ).

38.65 % of all property occurrences in Wikipedia ( en ) are mapped ( 126 of 326 ).

The color codes:
property is mapped
property is not mapped
property is mapped but not found in the template definition
property is ignored
occurrences property
na Amt
na Art
na Bundesland
na Bürgermeister
na Bürgermeistertitel
na Einwohner
na Fläche
na Gemeindeverwaltungsverband
na Höhe
na Kreis
na Landkreis
na Partei
na Regierungsbezirk
na Samtgemeinde
na Stand
na Verbandsgemeinde
na Verwaltungsgemeinschaft
na Verwaltungsverband
na altOffSp
na altUnoSp
na altitude
na area_code
na area_land_km2
na area_land_sq_mi
na area_metro
na area_metro_km2
na area_metro_sq_mi
na area_telephone
na area_total
na area_total_km2
na area_total_sq_mi
na area_urban_km2
na area_urban_sq_mi
na area_water_km2
na area_water_percent
na area_water_sq_mi
na arname
na belfast_distance_km
na belfast_distance_mi
na cardiff_distance_km
na cardiff_distance_mi
na coastline
na country
na crown_dependency
na day
na destroyed
na dial_code
na dial_code1
na dial_code2
na douglas_distance_km
na douglas_distance_mi
na edinburgh_distance_km
na edinburgh_distance_mi
na elevation_ft
na elevation_m
na elevation_max_ft
na elevation_max_m
na elevation_min_ft
na elevation_min_m
na elevationmax
na established_date
na established_date1
na established_date2
na established_date3
na founded
na founder
na frazioni
na gentilic
na hebname
na language
na language1
na language2
na largest_city
na largest_metro
na latd
na latitude
na latm
na lats
na leader_name
na leader_name1
na leader_name2
na leader_name3
na leader_name4
na leader_name_1
na leader_name_2
na leader_name_3
na leader_title1
na leader_title2
na leader_title3
na leader_title4
na leader_title_1
na leader_title_2
na leader_title_3
na local_name
na london_distance_km
na london_distance_mi
na longEW
na longd
na longitude
na longm
na longs
na mayor
na mayor_party
na meaning
na motto
na native_name
na nearest_city
na nickname
na official_languages
na official_name
na other_language
na other_language_name
na other_name
na population_as_of
na population_blank1
na population_blank2
na population_density
na population_density_blank1_km2
na population_density_blank1_sq_mi
na population_density_blank2_km2
na population_density_blank2_sq_mi
na population_density_km2
na population_density_metro_km2
na population_density_metro_sq_mi
na population_density_sq_mi
na population_density_urban_km2
na population_density_urban_sq_mi
na population_metro
na population_total
na population_urban
na popyear
na postal_code
na postalcode
na postcode_area
na postcode_area1
na postcode_area2
na province
na region
na region1
na saint
na settlement_type
na stbHeb
na telephone
na temp_annual
na temp_summer
na temp_winter
na total_type
na twin1
na twin1_country
na twin2
na twin3
na twin4
na twin5
na twin6
na twin7
na type
na typefrom
16 GDP
16 GDP_per_capita
16 GDP_per_capita_year
16 GDP_year
16 area
16 date
16 flag
16 iso region
16 pop_date
16 population
16 state_coa
15 leader
15 votes
14 capital
14 key
14 ruling_party1
12 leader_party
11 ruling_party2
10 German_name
6 Kfz
5 coa_size
3 population_demonym
3 ruling_party3
2 Vorwahl
2 image_caption
2 leader_title
2 pop_metro
1 elevation
1 map_size
1 map_text
0 GDP_ref
0 anthem
0 area_source
0 coordinates
0 footnotes
0 image_photo
0 map
0 name
0 pop_ref
0 pop_urban
0 website