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{{ConstantMapping}} maps information that is only contained in the infobox title (other than the class information) to ontology properties.


| ontologyProperty =
| value =
| unit =


  • ontologyProperty: A constant mapping should list one ontology property.
  • value: A constant mapping should list one value. Dependening on the ontology property, if it is a object property or a datatype property, a URI or a literal is produced for this value. For URI please provide:
    • A decoded URI (e.g. "Billy Murray (actor)" but not "Billy_Murray_%28actor%29") if you want a URI from the same DBpedia, OR
    • A full URL (e.g. [1]) if you want a URL from another DBpedia, or external URL
  • unit: If the value contains a numerical value and a unit is mapped, the unit has to be defined (Please use only values from DBpedia unit and dimensions). If a template property has no default unit defined, e.g. its values can contain different units of the same dimension, the dimension has to be defined for usability as well as validation reasons. Possible dimensions are Length or Mass.


The constant mapping for Infobox_Australian_road that retains the information about the country (the type information is mapped one level above in a TemplateMapping):

| ontologyProperty = country
| value = Australia