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{{PropertyMapping}} maps template properties to ontology properties.


| templateProperty =
| ontologyProperty =
| select =
| prefix =
| suffix =
| transform =
| unit =
| factor =
| language =
| comment =
| nocat =


  • templateProperty: One template property which is to be mapped.
  • ontologyProperty: One target ontology property.
  • select: A selector used to map only one value from the list defined by the template property. Currently only 'first' and 'last' are admitted. See Category:Mappings using select
  • prefix/suffix: Add a prefix or suffix to the value provided in the template. Particularly useful in converting identifiers to URLs. Both a prefix and a suffix may be provided.
  • transform: specifies the type of link created by adding a prefix or suffix. Can be either 'external' (to link to an absolute URL) or 'internal' (to link to another page on this wiki). See Category:Mappings using transform
  • unit: If a template property containing a numerical value and a unit is mapped, the unit has to be defined (Please use only values from DBpedia unit and dimensions). If a template property has no default unit defined, e.g. its values can contain different units of the same dimension, the dimension has to be defined for usability as well as validation reasons. Possible dimensions are Length or Mass. See Category:Mappings using unit
  • factor: Multiplication factor that is applied for numeric data. See Category:Mappings using factor
  • language: if the ontologyProperty has range rdf:langString, we can define the language tag using the wikipedia language code (e.g. language = de). See Category:Mappings using custom language‏‎
  • comment: Comment about this mapping. Not used during extraction, only on the wiki. Please use English.
  • nocat: by default, mappings containing prefix or suffix are categorized into Category:Mappings using prefix and Category:Mappings using suffix respectively. Setting 'nocat' to anything other than 'false' will suppress these categories.


The property mapping from the template property birth_date to the ontology property birthDate:

| templateProperty = birth_date 
| ontologyProperty = birthDate 

The property mapping for the number of visitors which is specified in millions:

| templateProperty = visitors_mio
| ontologyProperty = visitors
| factor = 1000000

The property mapping for the first value of the spouses template property:

| templateProperty = spouses
| ontologyProperty = firstSpouse
| select = first

The property mapping for a french title property:

| templateProperty = french_title
| ontologyProperty = title
| language = fr