Atoll (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (de): Atoll
Label (el): ατόλη
Label (fr): atoll
Label (it): atollo
Label (ko): 환초
Label (nl): atol
Label (ja): 環礁
Label (en): atoll
Super classes: Island

Properties on Atoll:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
archipelago (edit) archipelago Island owl:Thing
building (edit) building Island Building
capitalCountry (edit) capital country Island Country
capitalDistrict (edit) capital district Island PopulatedPlace
capitalElevation (edit) capital elevation Island Length
capitalMountain (edit) capital mountain Island Mountain
capitalPlace (edit) capital place Island PopulatedPlace
capitalPosition (edit) capital position Island geo:SpatialThing
capitalRegion (edit) capital region Island PopulatedPlace
discovery (edit) date when the island has been discovered Island xsd:string
eruption (edit) eruption Island xsd:string
government (edit) government Island owl:Thing
governmentCountry (edit) government country Island Country
governmentElevation (edit) government elevation Island Length
governmentMountain (edit) government mountain Island Mountain
governmentPlace (edit) government place Island PopulatedPlace
governmentPosition (edit) government position Island geo:SpatialThing
governmentRegion (edit) government region Island PopulatedPlace
highestPointIsland (edit) highest point of the island Island xsd:string
highestRegion (edit) highest region Island PopulatedPlace
highestState (edit) highest state Island PopulatedPlace
leftChild (edit) left child Island Island
localization (edit) localization of the island Island xsd:string
lowestRegion (edit) lowest region Island PopulatedPlace
lowestState (edit) lowest state Island PopulatedPlace
mainIslands (edit) main islands Island xsd:string
majorIsland (edit) major island Island Island
managementCountry (edit) management country Island Country
managementRegion (edit) management region Island PopulatedPlace
numberOfIslands (edit) number of islands Island xsd:nonNegativeInteger
observatory (edit) observatory Island xsd:string
rightChild (edit) right child Island Island
subdivisionName (edit) subdivision name of the island Island Place
volcanicActivity (edit) volcanic activity Island xsd:string
volcanicType (edit) volcanic type Island xsd:string
volcanoId (edit) volcano id Island xsd:string