Place (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (ca): lloc
Label (pt): lugar
Label (ja): 立地
Label (de): Ort
Label (fr): lieu
Label (es): lugar
Label (eu): lekua
Label (da): sted
Label (ur): جگہ
Label (ga): áit
Label (nl): plaats
Label (ar): مكان
Label (pl): miejsce
Label (en): place
Label (el): περιοχή
Comment (ur): غیر متحرک چیزیں یا مقامات۔
Comment (pt): uma localização
Super classes: owl:Thing

Properties on Place:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
abbreviation (edit) abbreviation owl:Thing xsd:string
abstract (edit) has abstract owl:Thing rdf:langString Reserved for DBpedia.
access (edit) access owl:Thing xsd:string
accessDate (edit) access date owl:Thing xsd:date
activeYearsEndDate (edit) active years end date owl:Thing xsd:date
activeYearsEndYear (edit) active years end year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
activeYearsStartDate (edit) active years start date owl:Thing xsd:date
activeYearsStartYear (edit) active years start year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
address (edit) address Place rdf:langString Address of something as literal. Usually Building, but we also use it for the address of a Region's or Settlement's government
administrativeStatus (edit) administrative status owl:Thing xsd:string
affiliation (edit) affiliation owl:Thing Organisation
ageRange (edit) age range owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger Age range of students admitted in a School, MilitaryUnit, etc
agglomerationPopulationTotal (edit) agglomeration population total owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
aitaCode (edit) aita code owl:Thing xsd:string
album (edit) album owl:Thing Album
alias (edit) alias owl:Thing rdf:langString
alongside (edit) alongside owl:Thing Person
alternativeName (edit) alternative name owl:Thing rdf:langString Alternative naming of anything not being a Person (for which case foaf:nick should be used).
alternativeText (edit) alternative text owl:Thing xsd:string Replacement text if the image cannot be displayed; used for screen readers; describes the image (max 120 chars recommended).
altitude (edit) altitude Place Altitude
animal (edit) animal owl:Thing Animal
annualTemperature (edit) annual temperature Place Temperature
anthem (edit) anthem owl:Thing Work Official song (anthem) of a PopulatedPlace, SportsTeam, School or other
apcPresident (edit) apc president owl:Thing Person
appearance (edit) appearance owl:Thing xsd:string
appointer (edit) appointer owl:Thing Person
area (edit) area owl:Thing Area The area of the thing in square meters.
areaCode (edit) area code Place xsd:string Area code for telephone numbers. Use this not phonePrefix
areaDate (edit) area date Place xsd:date
areaLand (edit) area land Place Area
areaMetro (edit) area metro owl:Thing Area
areaOfCatchmentQuote (edit) area of catchment quote Place xsd:string
areaQuote (edit) area quote Place xsd:string
areaRank (edit) area rank Place xsd:string
areaTotal (edit) area total Place Area
areaWater (edit) area water Place Area
artificialSnowArea (edit) artificial snow area Place xsd:float
asWikiText (edit) Contains a WikiText representation of this thing owl:Thing xsd:string
ascent (edit) ascent owl:Thing xsd:string Ascent of a celestial body, aircraft, etc. For person who ascended a mountain, use firstAscent
associate (edit) associate owl:Thing Person
associateStar (edit) associateStar owl:Thing Constellation
associatedBand (edit) associated band owl:Thing Band
associatedMusicalArtist (edit) associated musical artist owl:Thing MusicalArtist
astrazenca (edit) Astrazenca owl:Thing xsd:string AstraZeneca plc is a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with its headquarters at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus in Cambridge, England.
astrazencaCumul (edit) AstrazencaCumulativeDoses owl:Thing xsd:integer 阿斯利康制药公司,是一家由瑞典阿斯特公司(Astra AB)和英国捷利康公司(Zeneca Group PLC)于1999年4月6日合并而成的大型英瑞合资生物制药企业
atcCode (edit) ATC code owl:Thing xsd:string
atcPrefix (edit) ATC prefix owl:Thing xsd:string
atcSuffix (edit) ATC suffix owl:Thing xsd:string
authority (edit) authority owl:Thing owl:Thing
authorityMandate (edit) authority mandate Place xsd:string
autonomy (edit) autonomy owl:Thing owl:Thing
average (edit) average owl:Thing xsd:double
averageDepth (edit) average depth Place Length Source of the value can be declare by .
averageDepthQuote (edit) average depth quote Place xsd:string Source of the value.
averageSpeed (edit) average speed owl:Thing Speed The average speed of a thing.
avifaunaPopulation (edit) avifauna population Place xsd:string
award (edit) award owl:Thing Award Award won by a Person, Musical or other Work, RaceHorse, Building, etc
awayColourHexCode (edit) colour hex code of away jersey or its parts owl:Thing xsd:string A colour represented by its hex code (e.g.: #FF0000 or #40E0D0).
background (edit) background owl:Thing xsd:string
battery (edit) battery owl:Thing Battery Points out the battery used with/in a thing.
battle (edit) battle owl:Thing MilitaryConflict
bibsysId (edit) BIBSYS Id owl:Thing xsd:string BIBSYS is a supplier of library and information systems for all Norwegian university Libraries, the National Library of Norway, college libraries, and a number of research libraries and institutions.
biggestCity (edit) biggest city Place PopulatedPlace
bioclimate (edit) bioclimate Place xsd:string
biome (edit) biome owl:Thing owl:Thing
bird (edit) bird Place Species Birds are uniformly vertebrate animals, the vast majority of which can fly with their wings.
blackLongDistancePisteNumber (edit) long distance piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
blackSkiPisteNumber (edit) black ski piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
blazon (edit) blazon owl:Thing xsd:string Coat of arms (heraldic image) or emblem
blazonLink (edit) blazon link owl:Thing xsd:string
blazonRatio (edit) blazon ratio owl:Thing xsd:double
blueLongDistancePisteNumber (edit) blue long distance piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
blueSkiPisteNumber (edit) blue ski piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
bnfId (edit) BNF Id owl:Thing xsd:string Authority data of people listed in the general catalogue of the National Library of France
book (edit) name owl:Thing xsd:string
border (edit) border owl:Thing Area
bpnId (edit) BPN Id owl:Thing xsd:string Dutch project with material for 40,000 digitized biographies, including former colonies of the Netherlands.
budget (edit) budget owl:Thing Currency
budgetYear (edit) budget year Place xsd:string
builder (edit) builder owl:Thing owl:Thing
buildingEndDate (edit) building end date owl:Thing xsd:string Building end date of an ArchitecturalStructure, man-made Lake, etc. For older structures this can be just a year or century, for newer structures an exact date is preferred
buildingStartDate (edit) building start date owl:Thing xsd:string Building start date of an ArchitecturalStructure, man-made Lake, etc. For older structures this can be just a year or century, for newer structures an exact date is preferred
cableCar (edit) cable car Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
calculationNeeds (edit) its calculation needs owl:Thing owl:Thing
callSign (edit) call sign owl:Thing xsd:string A call sign is not the name of a broadcaster! In broadcasting and radio communications, a call sign (also known as a call name or call letters, or abbreviated as a call) is a unique designation for a transmitting station.
cannonNumber (edit) cannon number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
capacity (edit) capacity owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger Number of people who can be served by a Train or other service; or participate in a SoccerClub, CricketTeam, etc
capitalCoordinates (edit) capital coordinates Place xsd:string
casNumber (edit) CAS number owl:Thing xsd:string Chemical Abstracts Service number. Applicable to ChemicalCompound or Biomolecule (eg Protein)
casSupplemental (edit) CAS supplemental owl:Thing xsd:string
category (edit) category owl:Thing owl:Thing
chain (edit) chaîne owl:Thing Company The (business) chain this instance is associated with.
chairLabel (edit) chair label owl:Thing owl:Thing
chairman (edit) chairman owl:Thing Person
chancellor (edit) chancellor owl:Thing Person
channel (edit) channel owl:Thing Broadcaster
chiefPlace (edit) chief place owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
city (edit) city owl:Thing City
cityLink (edit) city link Place xsd:string
class (edit) class owl:Thing owl:Thing
classification (edit) classification owl:Thing xsd:string Any string representing a class or category this thing is assigned to.
climate (edit) climate Place owl:Thing
climbUpNumber (edit) clip up number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
closeTo (edit) is close to Place Place place close to another place
closingDate (edit) closing date owl:Thing xsd:date
closingYear (edit) closing year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
coach (edit) coach owl:Thing Person
coachedTeam (edit) coached team owl:Thing SportsTeam
coastLength (edit) length of a coast Place xsd:float
coatOfArms (edit) coat of arms image owl:Thing owl:Thing image of the coat of arms (heraldic symbol)
code (edit) code owl:Thing xsd:string Superproperty for any designation (string, integer as string) that is meant to identify an entity within the context of a system
codeMunicipalMonument (edit) monument code (municipal) Place xsd:string Code assigned to (Dutch) monuments at the municipal level, deemed to be of local value
codeNationalMonument (edit) monument code (national) Place xsd:string Code assigned to (Dutch) monuments at the national level, deemed to be of national value
codeProvincialMonument (edit) monument code (provinciall) Place xsd:string Code assigned to (Dutch) monuments at the provincial level, mostly for monuments in the countryside, or for waterworks
collectionSize (edit) country owl:Thing owl:Thing
colour (edit) colour owl:Thing Colour A colour represented by its entity.
colourHexCode (edit) colour hex code owl:Thing xsd:string A colour represented by its hex code (e.g.: #FF0000 or #40E0D0)
colourName (edit) colour name owl:Thing rdf:langString A colour represented by a string holding its name (e.g.: red or green).
commandant (edit) commandant owl:Thing Person
commander (edit) commander owl:Thing Person
comment (edit) comment owl:Thing xsd:string
committee (edit) committee owl:Thing xsd:string
commonName (edit) common name owl:Thing rdf:langString The common name of an entity. Frequently, foaf:name is used for all of the different names of a person; this property just defines the most commonly used name.
company (edit) company owl:Thing Organisation
conflict (edit) conflict owl:Thing MilitaryConflict
connotation (edit) connotation owl:Thing owl:Thing A meaning of a word or phrase that is suggested or implied, as opposed to a denotation, or literal meaning.
constituencyDistrict (edit) constituency district owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
cosparId (edit) COSPAR id owl:Thing xsd:string Described at
cost (edit) cost owl:Thing Currency Cost of building an ArchitecturalStructure, Ship, etc
country (edit) country owl:Thing Country The country where the thing is located.
countryCode (edit) country code Place xsd:string Country code for telephone numbers.
county (edit) county owl:Thing PopulatedPlace The county where the thing is located.
courseArea (edit) course area owl:Thing Area The area of courses in square meters.
cpu (edit) CPU owl:Thing owl:Thing CPU of an InformationAppliance or VideoGame (which unfortunately is currently under Software)
creationYear (edit) year of creation owl:Thing xsd:gYear
creator (edit) creator (agent) owl:Thing Agent Creator/author of a work. For literal (string) use dc:creator; for object (URL) use creator
crest (edit) crest owl:Thing owl:Thing
criteria (edit) criteria owl:Thing xsd:string
cuisine (edit) cuisine owl:Thing xsd:string National cuisine of a Food or Restaurant
currency (edit) currency owl:Thing Currency
currencyCode (edit) currency code Place xsd:string ISO 4217 currency designators.
currentCity (edit) current city owl:Thing City
currentStatus (edit) current status owl:Thing xsd:string
dailyVaccinationsPerMillion (edit) Daily Vaccinations Per Million owl:Thing VaccinationStatistics VaccinationStatistics: people vaccinated percent.
dailyVaccinationsRaw (edit) Daily Vaccinations Raw owl:Thing VaccinationStatistics VaccinationStatistics: Daily vaccinations (raw data).
date (edit) date owl:Thing xsd:date
dateAgreement (edit) date of an agreement Place xsd:date
dateBudget (edit) date budget owl:Thing xsd:date
dateOfAbandonment (edit) date of abandonment owl:Thing xsd:date
daylightSavingTimeZone (edit) daylight saving time zone Place owl:Thing
dc:creator (edit) creator (literal) owl:Thing xsd:string Creator/author of a work. For literal (string) use dc:creator; for object (URL) use creator
dc:identifier (edit) identifier owl:Thing xsd:string An identifier used to identify this thing.
dc:language (edit) language (literal) owl:Thing xsd:string Language of the resource. Use dc:language for literal, language for object
dc:rights (edit) rights owl:Thing owl:Thing
dc:subject (edit) subject owl:Thing owl:Thing
dc:title (edit) title owl:Thing xsd:string Title that's a plain xsd:string, not rdf:langString (i.e. doesn't carry a language tag)
dc:type (edit) type (literal) owl:Thing xsd:string type as literal. If the template field is a string, use "dc:type". If it's a wikipedia page, use "type". If it can be either, use *both* "dc:type" and "type" (by mapping it twice)
dc:عنوان (edit) undefined owl:Thing xsd:string
dct:created (edit) Date or range when this object was created owl:Thing xsd:string Based on
dct:dateSubmitted (edit) date submitted owl:Thing xsd:date
dct:description (edit) Description owl:Thing rdf:langString
dct:extent (edit) medium owl:Thing xsd:string The size or duration of the resource. Use Use dct:format for file format, or dct:medium for material or physical carrier. Similar to but that's an object property
dct:format (edit) format (literal) owl:Thing xsd:string File format of the resource. Use dct:medium for physical medium, or dct:extent for dimensions. Use dct:format for literal, format for object
dct:medium (edit) medium owl:Thing xsd:string The material or physical carrier of the resource. Use dct:format for file format, or dct:extent for dimensions. Similar to but that's an object property
dct:modified (edit) modified owl:Thing xsd:date
dct:spatial (edit) spatial owl:Thing owl:Thing
dct:subject (edit) subject owl:Thing owl:Thing
dct:temporal (edit) temporal owl:Thing owl:Thing
dct:type (edit) type owl:Thing owl:Thing
dct:ترتیب (edit) undefined owl:Thing xsd:string
dct:جمع_کرانے_کی_تاریخ (edit) undefined owl:Thing xsd:date
dct:مضمون (edit) undefined owl:Thing owl:Thing
dct:پیدا_کیا (edit) undefined owl:Thing xsd:string
deFactoLanguage (edit) de facto language owl:Thing Language
deaths (edit) Deaths owl:Thing Disease Permanent, irreversible cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism
deliveryDate (edit) delivery date owl:Thing xsd:date
demonym (edit) demonym owl:Thing rdf:langString
density (edit) density owl:Thing Density
depictionDescription (edit) depiction description (caption) owl:Thing rdf:langString This property can be used to map image captions from Infoboxes
depth (edit) depth Place Length Is a measure of the distance between a reference height and a point underneath. The exact meaning for a place is unclear. If possible, use or to be unambiguous.
depthQuote (edit) depth quote Place xsd:string
depths (edit) depths Place Depth
deputy (edit) deputy owl:Thing Person
description (edit) description owl:Thing rdf:langString Short description of a person
designCompany (edit) designer company owl:Thing Company
designer (edit) designer owl:Thing Person
destructionDate (edit) destruction date owl:Thing xsd:date
developer (edit) developer owl:Thing Agent Developer of a Work (Artwork, Book, Software) or Building (Hotel, Skyscraper)
diameter (edit) diameter owl:Thing Length
diocese (edit) diocese owl:Thing Diocese A religious administrative body above the parish level
discoverer (edit) discoverer owl:Thing Person
disease (edit) disease owl:Thing Disease Points to a disease pertaining to the subject at hand.
distance (edit) distance owl:Thing Length
distributor (edit) distributor owl:Thing Organisation
district (edit) district Place PopulatedPlace
division (edit) division owl:Thing owl:Thing
documentDesignation (edit) String designation of the WrittenWork describing the resource owl:Thing xsd:string
dose (edit) Dose owl:Thing xsd:integer Dose means quantity (in units of energy/mass) in the fields of nutrition, medicine, and toxicology. Dosage is the rate of application of a dose, although in common and imprecise usage, the words are sometimes used synonymously.
dosesFirst (edit) DosesFirst owl:Thing xsd:integer Number of first vaccine doses.
dosesSecond (edit) DosesSecond owl:Thing xsd:integer Number of second vaccine doses.
draft (edit) draft owl:Thing xsd:string
draftYear (edit) draft year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
drug (edit) Drug owl:Thing rdf:langString
drugbank (edit) DrugBank owl:Thing xsd:string
duration (edit) duration owl:Thing Time The duration of the item (movie, audio recording, event, etc.) in ISO 8601 date format
dynasty (edit) dynasty owl:Thing owl:Thing
eastPlace (edit) east place Place Place indicates another place situated east.
editor (edit) editor owl:Thing Agent
einecsNumber (edit) EINECS number owl:Thing xsd:string
electionMajority (edit) election majority owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of votes the office holder attained
elementAbove (edit) element above owl:Thing ChemicalSubstance element placed above current element in D.I.Mendeleev's table
elevation (edit) elevation Place Length average elevation above the sea level
elevationQuote (edit) elevation quote Place xsd:string
endOccupation (edit) end occupation owl:Thing xsd:string
endPoint (edit) end point Place Place
endYear (edit) end year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
endangeredSince (edit) endangered since Place xsd:date
engineer (edit) engineer owl:Thing Person
era (edit) era owl:Thing owl:Thing
ethnicGroupsInYear (edit) ethnic groups in year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
event (edit) event owl:Thing Event
eventDate (edit) event date Place xsd:date
executiveProducer (edit) executive producer owl:Thing Person
exhibition (edit) exhibition owl:Thing xsd:string Notes about an exhibition the object has been to
existence (edit) existence owl:Thing owl:Thing
extinctionDate (edit) extinction date owl:Thing xsd:date !!! Do NOT use this property for non Species related dates!!! - Date when an Organization (eg PoliticalParty, Company) or Species ceased to exist
failedLaunches (edit) failed launches owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
fauna (edit) fauna Place xsd:string
fdaUniiCode (edit) FDA UNII code owl:Thing xsd:string FDA Unique Ingredient Identifier (UNII) code for a DBpedia Drug
feastDay (edit) feast day, holiday owl:Thing xsd:date A day of celebration associated with the entity. Applies to Saint, School etc
fighter (edit) fighter owl:Thing xsd:string
filmPolskiId (edit) id owl:Thing xsd:string
firstLeader (edit) firstLeader owl:Thing Person
firstOwner (edit) first owner owl:Thing Agent
firstPlace (edit) first place owl:Thing xsd:string
firstPopularVote (edit) firstPopularVote owl:Thing Person
flag (edit) flag (image) owl:Thing xsd:string Wikimedia Commons file name representing the subject's flag
flagBorder (edit) flag border owl:Thing xsd:string
flagLink (edit) flag Link owl:Thing xsd:string
floodingDate (edit) flooding date owl:Thing xsd:date
flora (edit) flora Place xsd:string
flower (edit) flower Place Species
foaf:based_near (edit) based near owl:Thing owl:Thing
foaf:depiction (edit) depiction from owl:Thing Image
foaf:familyName (edit) family name owl:Thing rdf:langString
foaf:gender (edit) gender owl:Thing xsd:string
foaf:givenName (edit) given name owl:Thing rdf:langString
foaf:homepage (edit) homepage owl:Thing Website
foaf:img (edit) image owl:Thing owl:Thing
foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf (edit) A document that this thing is the primary topic of. owl:Thing foaf:Document Inverse of foaf:primaryTopic.
foaf:logo (edit) logo owl:Thing owl:Thing
foaf:mbox (edit) Email address (mbox) owl:Thing xsd:string foaf:mbox is supposed to be in URI form so we could prepend mailto: and declare it an ObjectProperty
foaf:name (edit) name owl:Thing rdf:langString
foaf:nick (edit) nickname owl:Thing rdf:langString
foaf:page (edit) A page or document about this thing. owl:Thing foaf:Document Inverse of foaf:topic.
foaf:phone (edit) Telephone (phone) number owl:Thing xsd:string foaf:phone is supposed to be in URI form so we could prepend tel: and declare it an ObjectProperty
foaf:surname (edit) surname owl:Thing rdf:langString
foaf:thumbnail (edit) thumbnail owl:Thing Image
foaf:topic (edit) A topic of some page or document. owl:Thing owl:Thing Inverse of foaf:page.
focus (edit) focus owl:Thing owl:Thing Points out the subject or thing someone or something is focused on.
followedBy (edit) followed by owl:Thing owl:Thing
follows (edit) follows owl:Thing owl:Thing
forces (edit) forces owl:Thing xsd:string
foresterDistrict (edit) foresterDistrict Place owl:Thing
format (edit) format (object) owl:Thing owl:Thing Format of the resource (as object). Use dct:format for literal, format for object
formerName (edit) former name owl:Thing rdf:langString
foundedBy (edit) founded by owl:Thing Agent Identifies the founder of the described entity. This can be a person or a organisation for instance.
founder (edit) founder owl:Thing Person Ein Gründer oder Gründungsmitglied einer Organisation, Religion oder eines Ortes.
foundingDate (edit) founding date owl:Thing xsd:date
foundingYear (edit) founding year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
frequency (edit) frequency owl:Thing Frequency
frontierLength (edit) length of a frontier Place xsd:float
fuel (edit) fuel owl:Thing owl:Thing
fuelType (edit) fuel type owl:Thing owl:Thing
gameModus (edit) Modus the game can be played in owl:Thing xsd:string
gender (edit) gender owl:Thing owl:Thing
genre (edit) genre owl:Thing Genre The genre of the thing (music group, film, etc.)
geolocDual (edit) geolocdual Place xsd:string
geologicPeriod (edit) geologic period Place xsd:string
geology (edit) geology owl:Thing xsd:string
governingBody (edit) governing body Place Organisation Body that owns/operates the Place.
governmentType (edit) government type owl:Thing GovernmentType broadly, the type of structure of its government
governor (edit) governor owl:Thing Person
governorGeneral (edit) governor general owl:Thing Person
greekName (edit) name in ancient Greek owl:Thing xsd:string
greenLongDistancePisteNumber (edit) green long distance piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
greenSkiPisteNumber (edit) green ski piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
gridReference (edit) grid reference Place xsd:string
grossDomesticProductPerPeople (edit) gross domestic product per people Place xsd:string
grossDomesticProductRank (edit) gross domestic product rank Place xsd:string
hasChannel (edit) has channel owl:Thing owl:Thing
hasInput (edit) has input owl:Thing owl:Thing
hasInsidePlace (edit) has inside place Place Place indicates another place situated inside.
hasOutsidePlace (edit) has outside place Place Place indicates another place situated around outside.
hasSurfaceForm (edit) undefined owl:Thing xsd:string Reserved for DBpedia.
hasVariant (edit) variant or variation owl:Thing owl:Thing variant or variation, for example all variations of a color
height (edit) height owl:Thing Length
heritageRegister (edit) heritage register Place owl:Thing registered in a heritage register : inventory of cultural properties, natural and man-made, tangible and intangible, movable and immovable, that are deemed to be of sufficient heritage value to be separately identified and recorded.
highestAltitude (edit) highest altitude Place Altitude
highestMountain (edit) highest mountain owl:Thing Mountain
highestPlace (edit) highest place owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
highestPosition (edit) highest position owl:Thing geo:SpatialThing
highschool (edit) highschool owl:Thing School
historicalMap (edit) historical map Place xsd:string
historicalName (edit) historical name Place rdf:langString
homeArena (edit) home arena owl:Thing Arena
homeColourHexCode (edit) colour hex code of home jersey or its parts owl:Thing xsd:string A colour represented by its hex code (e.g.: #FF0000 or #40E0D0).
homeStadium (edit) home stadium owl:Thing Stadium
honours (edit) honours owl:Thing owl:Thing Honours bestowed upon a Person, Organization, RaceHorse, etc
humanDevelopmentIndexRank (edit) human development index rank Place xsd:string
imageSize (edit) image size (px) owl:Thing xsd:integer the image size expressed in pixels
imdbId (edit) IMDB id owl:Thing xsd:string International Movie Database ID. Applies to Films, Actors, etc
incumbent (edit) incumbent owl:Thing Person
individualisedGnd (edit) individualised GND number owl:Thing xsd:string GND (Gemeinsame Normdatei) is an international authority file for the organisation of personal names, subject headings and corporate bodies from catalogues. It is used mainly for documentation in libraries and archives. The GND is managed by the German National Library in cooperation with various library networks. The GND falls under the Creative Commons Zero(CC0) license.
influenced (edit) influenced owl:Thing owl:Thing The subject influenced the object. inverseOf influencedBy. Subject and object can be Persons or Works (eg ProgrammingLanguage)
influencedBy (edit) influenced by owl:Thing owl:Thing The subject was influenced by the object. inverseOf influenced. Subject and object can be Persons or Works (eg ProgrammingLanguage)
information (edit) information Place xsd:string
informationName (edit) information name Place xsd:string
inscription (edit) inscription owl:Thing xsd:string Text of an inscription on the object
institution (edit) institution owl:Thing Organisation
intercommunality (edit) intercommunality owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
introduced (edit) introduced owl:Thing xsd:date
isPartOf (edit) is part of owl:Thing owl:Thing
isPartOfName (edit) is part of (literal) owl:Thing xsd:string Name of another thing that this thing is part of. Use for infobox "part of" properties given as text; for objects use isPartOf
isRouteStop (edit) is route stop Place RouteStop indicate a place is a stop on a road.
isniId (edit) ISNI Id owl:Thing xsd:string ISNI is a method for uniquely identifying the public identities of contributors to media content such as books, TV programmes, and newspaper articles.
iso31661Code (edit) ISO 3166-1 code Place xsd:string defines codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest
isoCode (edit) iso code of a place Place xsd:string
jureLanguage (edit) jure language owl:Thing Language
jurisdiction (edit) jurisdiction owl:Thing owl:Thing Jurisdiction is the practical authority granted to a formally constituted legal body or to a political leader to deal with and make pronouncements on legal matters and, by implication, to administer justice within a defined area of responsibility.
keyPerson (edit) key person owl:Thing Person
kinOfLanguage (edit) kindOfLanguage owl:Thing xsd:string
kindOfCoordinate (edit) kind of coordinate Place xsd:string
kindOfRock (edit) kind of rock Place xsd:string
knownFor (edit) known for owl:Thing owl:Thing Work, historic event, etc that the subject is known for. Applies to Person, Organization, ConcentrationCamp, etc
lake (edit) vastest lake Place BodyOfWater
land (edit) land Place Place
landArea (edit) area of a land Place Area
landPercentage (edit) land percentage of a place Place xsd:float
language (edit) language owl:Thing Language Use dc:language for literal, language for object
languageRegulator (edit) language regulator or academy owl:Thing Language
latinName (edit) name in latin owl:Thing xsd:string
lawCountry (edit) law country Place xsd:string
lccnId (edit) LCCN Id owl:Thing xsd:string Library of Congress Control Number
leader (edit) leader owl:Thing Person
league (edit) league owl:Thing SportsLeague
length (edit) length owl:Thing Length
lengthQuote (edit) length quote Place xsd:string
licensee (edit) licensee owl:Thing xsd:string Identify which company or entity holds the licence (mostly string are used in Wikipedia, therefore range is xsd:sting).
lieutenant (edit) lieutenant owl:Thing Person
limit (edit) limit Place xsd:string
linkedSpace (edit) linked space Place xsd:string
listItemOf (edit) list item owl:Thing owl:Thing
localAuthority (edit) local authority owl:Thing owl:Thing
locatedInArea (edit) located in area Place Place
location (edit) location owl:Thing Place The location of the thing.
locationCountry (edit) państwo owl:Thing Country Country the thing is located.
locationName (edit) locationName owl:Thing xsd:string Location of the thing as string. Use "location" if the location is a resource
logo (edit) logo owl:Thing xsd:string
longDistancePisteKilometre (edit) long distance piste kilometre Place Length
longDistancePisteNumber (edit) long distance piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
longName (edit) longName owl:Thing rdf:langString
lowest (edit) lowest Place xsd:string
lowestAltitude (edit) lowest altitude Place Altitude
lowestMountain (edit) lowest mountain Place Mountain
lowestPlace (edit) lowest place Place PopulatedPlace
lowestPosition (edit) lowest position Place geo:SpatialThing
mainInterest (edit) main interest owl:Thing owl:Thing
mainIsland (edit) main island Place Place
majorityFloorLeader (edit) majority floor leader owl:Thing xsd:integer number of office holder
majorityLeader (edit) majority leader owl:Thing xsd:integer number of office holder
management (edit) management owl:Thing owl:Thing
managementElevation (edit) management elevation owl:Thing Length
managementMountain (edit) management mountain owl:Thing Mountain
managementPlace (edit) management place owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
managementPosition (edit) management position owl:Thing geo:SpatialThing
managerYearsEndYear (edit) manager years end year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
managerYearsStartYear (edit) manager years start year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
mandate (edit) political mandate owl:Thing xsd:string
manufactory (edit) manufactory owl:Thing Factory
manufacturer (edit) manufacturer owl:Thing Organisation
map (edit) map Place owl:Thing A map of the place.
mapCaption (edit) map caption Place xsd:string
mapDescription (edit) map description Place xsd:string
mascot (edit) mascot owl:Thing xsd:string something, especially a person or animal, used to symbolize a sports team, company, organization or other group.
mass (edit) mass owl:Thing Mass
material (edit) material owl:Thing owl:Thing
max (edit) max owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
maximumArea (edit) maximum area Place xsd:string
maximumAreaQuote (edit) maximum area quote Place xsd:string
maximumDepth (edit) maximum depth Place Length Source of the value can be declare by .
maximumDepthQuote (edit) maximum depth quote Place xsd:string Source of the value.
maximumDischarge (edit) maximum discharge owl:Thing FlowRate
maximumElevation (edit) maximum elevation Place Length maximum elevation above the sea level
mayor (edit) mayor owl:Thing Mayor
mayorArticle (edit) mayor article Place xsd:string
mayorCouncillor (edit) mayor councillor owl:Thing xsd:string
mbaId (edit) MBA Id owl:Thing xsd:string MusicBrainz is an open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public.
meaning (edit) meaning owl:Thing xsd:string
mediaItem (edit) media item owl:Thing File A media file (such as audio, video or images) associated with the subject
medlinePlus (edit) MedlinePlus owl:Thing xsd:string
meltingPoint (edit) melting point owl:Thing Temperature
memberOfParliament (edit) Member of Parliament owl:Thing Person
mergerDate (edit) merger date Place xsd:date
militaryGovernment (edit) military government owl:Thing xsd:string
militaryUnitSize (edit) military unit size owl:Thing xsd:string the size of the military unit
min (edit) min owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
minimumArea (edit) minimum area Place xsd:string
minimumAreaQuote (edit) minimum area quote Place xsd:string
minimumDischarge (edit) minimum discharge owl:Thing FlowRate
minimumElevation (edit) minimum elevation Place Length minimum elevation above the sea level
minister (edit) minister owl:Thing Politician
minorityFloorLeader (edit) minority floor leader owl:Thing xsd:integer number of office holder
minorityLeader (edit) minority leader owl:Thing xsd:integer number of office holder
mission (edit) mission owl:Thing SpaceMission
moderna (edit) Moderna owl:Thing xsd:string Moderna, Inc is an American pharmaceutical and biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
modernaCumul (edit) ModernaCumulativeDoses owl:Thing xsd:integer 莫德纳,是一家总部位于美国马萨诸塞州剑桥市的跨国制药、生物技术公司,专注于癌症免疫治疗,包括基于mRNA的药物发现、药物研发和疫苗技术
monarch (edit) monarch owl:Thing Person
month (edit) month owl:Thing xsd:string
motto (edit) motto owl:Thing xsd:string
mouthElevation (edit) mouth elevation owl:Thing Length
municipality (edit) municipality owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
municipalityCode (edit) municipality code Place xsd:string
musicBrainzArtistId (edit) MusicBrainz artist id owl:Thing xsd:string MusicBrainz artist. Applies to artists
name (edit) name owl:Thing rdf:langString
nameAsOf (edit) so named since owl:Thing xsd:gYear
nameInCantoneseChinese (edit) name in Yue Chinese owl:Thing rdf:langString
nameInHangulKorean (edit) name in Hangul-written Korean owl:Thing rdf:langString
nameInHanjaKorean (edit) name in Hanja-written (traditional) Korean owl:Thing rdf:langString
nameInJapanese (edit) name in Japanese owl:Thing rdf:langString
nameInMindongyuChinese (edit) name in Mindongyu Chinese owl:Thing rdf:langString
nameInMinnanyuChinese (edit) name in Minnanyu Chinese owl:Thing rdf:langString
nameInPinyinChinese (edit) name in Pinyin Chinese owl:Thing rdf:langString
nameInSimplifiedChinese (edit) name in Simplified Chinese owl:Thing rdf:langString
nameInTraditionalChinese (edit) name in Traditional Chinese owl:Thing rdf:langString
nameInWadeGilesChinese (edit) name in the Wade-Giles transscription of Chinese owl:Thing rdf:langString
namedAfter (edit) named after owl:Thing owl:Thing
namedByLanguage (edit) named by language Place Place
nationalTopographicSystemMapNumber (edit) National Topographic System map number Place xsd:string
ndlId (edit) NDL id owl:Thing xsd:string National Diet Library of Japan identificator.$1
nearestCity (edit) nearest city Place PopulatedPlace
neighbourRegion (edit) neighbour region Place xsd:string
newspaper (edit) newspaper owl:Thing PeriodicalLiterature
nextEntity (edit) next entity Place Place
nlaId (edit) NLA Id owl:Thing xsd:string NLA Trove’s People and Organisation view allows the discovery of biographical and other contextual information about people and organisations. Search also available via VIAF.
nominee (edit) nominee owl:Thing Person
northEastPlace (edit) north-east place Place Place indicates another place situated north-east.
northPlace (edit) north place Place Place indicates another place situated north.
northWestPlace (edit) north-west place Place Place indicates another place situated north-west.
notableWork (edit) notable work owl:Thing Work Notable work created by the subject (eg Writer, Artist, Engineer) or about the subject (eg ConcentrationCamp)
notes (edit) notes owl:Thing xsd:string additional notes that better describe the entity.
number (edit) number owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfClasses (edit) numberOfClasses owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of defined Classes
numberOfClassesWithResource (edit) numberOfClassesWithResource owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of class in DBpedia with at least single resource (class entity)
numberOfDisambiguates (edit) numberOfDisambiguates owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of disambiguation pages in DBpedia
numberOfIndegree (edit) number of all indegrees in dbpedia (same ourdegrees are counting repeatedly) owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfIsland (edit) number of islands Place xsd:string
numberOfOutdegree (edit) numberOfOutdegree owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of all outdegrees in DBpedia (same ourdegrees are counting repeatedly). This number is equal to number of all links (every link is OutDegree link)
numberOfPersonBornInPlace (edit) number of entities of Person class born in the place Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfPixels (edit) number of pixels (millions) owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfPredicates (edit) numberOfPredicates owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of predicates in DBpedia (including properties without rdf:type of rdf:Property)
numberOfProperties (edit) numberOfProperties owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of defined properties in DBpedia ontology
numberOfPropertiesUsed (edit) numberOfPropertiesUsed owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of all properties used as predicate in DBpedia
numberOfRedirectedResource (edit) numberOfRedirectedResource owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of redirected resource to another one
numberOfResource (edit) numberOfResource owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of all resource in DBpedia (including disambiguation pages and rediretcs)
numberOfResourceOfClass (edit) number of all resource / entities of a class owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfResourceOfType (edit) number of resource / entities for concrete type of subject owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfResourceWithType (edit) nmberOfResourceWithType owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of resource in DBpedia with Class type (= Class entity)
numberOfSoccerPlayersBornInPlace (edit) number of SoccerPlayers born in Place Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfSports (edit) number of sports owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfSportsEvents (edit) number of sports events owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfTriples (edit) numberOfTriples owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of triples in DBpedia
numberOfUniqeResources (edit) numberOfUniqeResources owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of unique resource without redirecting
numberOfUseOfProperty (edit) number of use of a property owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfVisitors (edit) number of visitors owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
nutsCode (edit) NUTS code Place xsd:string Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) is a geocode standard for referencing the subdivisions of countries for statistical purposes. The standard is developed and regulated by the European Union, and thus only covers the member states of the EU in detail.
occupation (edit) occupation owl:Thing PersonFunction
odor (edit) Odor owl:Thing xsd:string
office (edit) (political) office owl:Thing xsd:string
openingDate (edit) opening date owl:Thing xsd:date
openingYear (edit) opening year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
operator (edit) operator owl:Thing owl:Thing Organisation or City who is the operator of an ArchitecturalStructure, PublicTransitSystem, ConcentrationCamp, etc. Not to confuse with builder, owner or maintainer. Domain is unrestricted since Organization is Agent but City is Place. Range is unrestricted since anything can be operated.
orbits (edit) orbits owl:Thing xsd:integer
orcidId (edit) ORCID Id owl:Thing xsd:string Authority data on researchers, academics, etc. The ID range has been defined as a subset of the forthcoming ISNI range.
orderInOffice (edit) order in office owl:Thing xsd:string
organisation (edit) organisation owl:Thing Organisation
origin (edit) origin owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
originalName (edit) original name owl:Thing rdf:langString The original name of the entity, e.g. film, settlement, etc.
originallyUsedFor (edit) originally used for owl:Thing xsd:string Original use of ArchitecturalStructure or ConcentrationCamp, if it is currently being used as anything other than its original purpose.
orogeny (edit) orogeny owl:Thing owl:Thing
output (edit) output Place xsd:float
owl:differentFrom (edit) An owl:differentFrom statement indicates that two URI references refer to different individuals owl:Thing owl:Thing
owl:sameAs (edit) same as owl:Thing owl:Thing
owner (edit) owner owl:Thing Agent Used as if meaning: owned by, has as its owner
owningCompany (edit) owning company owl:Thing Company
owningOrganisation (edit) owning organisation owl:Thing Organisation
pandemic (edit) Pandemic owl:Thing Disease Global epidemic of infectious disease
parentCompany (edit) parent company owl:Thing Company
parliament (edit) parliament owl:Thing Parliament
parliamentType (edit) parliament type Place xsd:string
part (edit) part owl:Thing owl:Thing
partialFailedLaunches (edit) partial failed launches owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger total number of launches resulting in partial failure
party (edit) party owl:Thing PoliticalParty
partyNumber (edit) party number owl:Thing xsd:integer
pastMember (edit) past member owl:Thing Person
patronSaint (edit) patron saint owl:Thing Person
pccSecretary (edit) pcc secretary owl:Thing xsd:string
peopleFullyVaccinated (edit) People Fully Vaccinated owl:Thing VaccinationStatistics VaccinationStatistics: Number of people fully vaccinated.
peopleVaccinated (edit) People Vaccinated owl:Thing VaccinationStatistics VaccinationStatistics: Number of people vaccinated.
peopleVaccinatedPerHundred (edit) People Vaccinated Per Hundred owl:Thing VaccinationStatistics VaccinationStatistics: total vaccination percent.
percentage (edit) percentage owl:Thing owl:Thing
percentageOfAreaWater (edit) percentage of area water owl:Thing xsd:float
perimeter (edit) perimeter Place Length
period (edit) event period owl:Thing owl:Thing
personsFirstDosesCumul (edit) PersonsFirstDosesCumul owl:Thing xsd:integer Number of persons received first vaccine doses
personsFullDosesCumul (edit) PersonsFullDosesCumul owl:Thing xsd:integer Number of persons received full vaccine doses
pfizer (edit) Pfizer owl:Thing xsd:string American multinational pharmaceutical corporation the COVID-19 vaccine Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
pfizerCumul (edit) PfizerCumulativeDoses owl:Thing xsd:integer 辉瑞是源自美国的跨国制药、生物技术公司,营运总部位于纽约,研发总部位于康涅狄格州的格罗顿市
picture (edit) picture owl:Thing owl:Thing A picture of something or someone.
pictureDescription (edit) picture description owl:Thing owl:Thing
picturesCommonsCategory (edit) pictures Commons category owl:Thing xsd:string Wikimedia CommonsCategory for pictures of this resource
pisciculturalPopulation (edit) piscicultural population Place xsd:string
place (edit) Relates an entity to the populated place in which it is located. owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
plant (edit) plant Place Plant
playRole (edit) play role owl:Thing owl:Thing
playingTime (edit) playing time owl:Thing Time
pole (edit) pole owl:Thing xsd:string
politicalLeader (edit) political leader Place PersonFunction
populationQuote (edit) population quote Place xsd:string
populationTotal (edit) population total owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
portfolio (edit) portfolio owl:Thing xsd:string
position (edit) position owl:Thing owl:Thing
postalCode (edit) postal code owl:Thing xsd:string A postal code (known in various countries as a post code, postcode, or ZIP code) is a series of letters and/or digits appended to a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.
predecessor (edit) predecessor owl:Thing owl:Thing
prefix (edit) prefix owl:Thing xsd:string
president (edit) president owl:Thing Person
presidentGeneralCouncilMandate (edit) mandate of the president of the general council Place xsd:string
presidentRegionalCouncilMandate (edit) mandate of the president council of the regional council Place xsd:string
previousEntity (edit) previous entity Place Place
price (edit) price owl:Thing Currency The price of something, eg a journal. For "total money earned by an Athlete" use gross
primeMinister (edit) prime minister owl:Thing Person
produces (edit) produces owl:Thing owl:Thing
productionEndDate (edit) production end date owl:Thing xsd:date
productionEndYear (edit) production end year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
productionStartDate (edit) production start date owl:Thing xsd:date
productionStartYear (edit) production start year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
prominence (edit) prominence owl:Thing Length
pronunciation (edit) pronunciation owl:Thing xsd:string
protectionStatus (edit) monument protection status Place xsd:string The sort of status that is granted to a protected Building or Monument. This is not about being protected or not, this is about the nature of the protection regime. E.g., in the Netherlands the protection status 'rijksmonument' points to more elaborate protection than other statuses.
provides (edit) provides owl:Thing owl:Thing
province (edit) province Place Province
provinceLink (edit) province link Place Province
publicationDate (edit) publication date owl:Thing xsd:date
publiclyAccessible (edit) publicly accessible owl:Thing xsd:string describes in what way this site is accessible for public
purpose (edit) purpose owl:Thing xsd:string
quotation (edit) quotation owl:Thing xsd:string A quotation is the repetition of one expression as part of another one, particularly when the quoted expression is well-known or explicitly attributed by citation to its original source.
quote (edit) quote Place xsd:string
race (edit) race owl:Thing Race
raceHorse (edit) race horse owl:Thing Horse
rank (edit) rank owl:Thing xsd:string Rank of something among other things of the same kind, eg Constellations by Area; MusicalAlbums by popularity, etc
rankAgreement (edit) rank of an agreement Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
rating (edit) rating owl:Thing xsd:float
rdf:type (edit) undefined owl:Thing owl:Thing
rdfs:comment (edit) undefined owl:Thing rdf:langString
rdfs:label (edit) undefined owl:Thing rdf:langString
rdfs:seeAlso (edit) is used to indicate a resource that might provide additional information about the subject resource owl:Thing owl:Thing
rdfs:subClassOf (edit) subclass of owl:Thing owl:Thing
rebuildDate (edit) rebuild date owl:Thing xsd:date
recordLabel (edit) record label owl:Thing RecordLabel
redLongDistancePisteNumber (edit) red long distance piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
redSkiPisteNumber (edit) red ski piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
refcul (edit) reference for cultural data Place xsd:string
refgen (edit) reference for general data Place xsd:string
refgeo (edit) reference for geographic data Place xsd:string
refpol (edit) reference for politic data Place xsd:string
regency (edit) regency Place PopulatedPlace
region (edit) region owl:Thing Place The regin where the thing is located or is connected to.
regionLink (edit) region link Place xsd:string
regionType (edit) region type Place xsd:string
regionalPrefecture (edit) regional prefecture Place xsd:string
registry (edit) registry owl:Thing xsd:string A registry recording entires with associated codes.
related (edit) related owl:Thing owl:Thing
relatedPlaces (edit) related places Place List This property is to accommodate the list field that contains a list of, e.g., monuments in the same town
releaseDate (edit) release date owl:Thing xsd:date Release date of a Work or another product (eg Aircraft or other MeansOfTransportation
relief (edit) relief Place xsd:string
religion (edit) religion owl:Thing owl:Thing
religiousHead (edit) religious head owl:Thing Person
reopened (edit) reopened owl:Thing xsd:date
representative (edit) number of representatives Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
requirement (edit) requirement owl:Thing xsd:string
restoreDate (edit) restore date owl:Thing xsd:date
restriction (edit) restriction owl:Thing xsd:string The use of a thing is restricted in a way.
retentionTime (edit) relation time Place xsd:string
retired (edit) retired owl:Thing xsd:date
ridId (edit) RID Id owl:Thing xsd:string An identifying system for scientific authors. The system was introduced in January 2008 by Thomson Reuters. The combined use of the Digital Object Identifier with the ResearcherID allows for a unique association of authors and scientific articles.
river (edit) river Place River
rkdArtistsId (edit) RKDartists id owl:Thing xsd:string Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie (RKD) artists database id.$1
role (edit) role owl:Thing xsd:string
route (edit) route Place xsd:string
royalAnthem (edit) royal anthem owl:Thing owl:Thing
runningMate (edit) running mate owl:Thing Person
sales (edit) sales owl:Thing Sales This property holds an intermediate node of the type Sales.
scale (edit) scale Place xsd:string
scaleFactor (edit) scale factor owl:Thing xsd:float Scale factor (ex: for images) to zoom out (value > 1) or reduce (0 < value < 1) the proportions. Decimal numbers use dot séparator; ex : 0.75
score (edit) score owl:Thing xsd:double Score or points of something (eg a SportCompetitionResult)
sea (edit) sea Place Sea
secondLeader (edit) secondLeader owl:Thing Person
secondPlace (edit) second place owl:Thing xsd:string
secondPopularVote (edit) secondPopularVote owl:Thing Person
selibrId (edit) SELIBR Id owl:Thing xsd:string Authority data from the National Library of Sweden
senator (edit) senator owl:Thing Person
seniority (edit) seniority owl:Thing xsd:string
series (edit) series owl:Thing owl:Thing
sessionNumber (edit) session number owl:Thing xsd:integer
settlement (edit) settlement Place PopulatedPlace
setupTime (edit) setup time owl:Thing Time
show (edit) show owl:Thing TelevisionShow
similar (edit) similar owl:Thing owl:Thing
siren (edit) siren number owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
sizeBlazon (edit) size blazon owl:Thing xsd:string
sizeLogo (edit) size logo owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
sizeMap (edit) size map owl:Thing xsd:string
sizeThumbnail (edit) size thumbnail owl:Thing xsd:string
skiLift (edit) ski lift Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
skiPisteKilometre (edit) ski piste kilometre Place Length
skiPisteNumber (edit) ski piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
skiTow (edit) ski tow Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
skills (edit) skills owl:Thing owl:Thing
skos:broader (edit) broader owl:Thing owl:Thing
skos:prefLabel (edit) prefLabel owl:Thing rdf:langString
skos:related (edit) related owl:Thing owl:Thing
slogan (edit) slogan owl:Thing rdf:langString
snowParkNumber (edit) snow park number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
soundRecording (edit) sound recording owl:Thing Sound Sound recording somehow related to the subject
source (edit) source owl:Thing owl:Thing
sourceConfluenceElevation (edit) source confluence elevation owl:Thing Length
sourceDistrict (edit) source district owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
sourceElevation (edit) source elevation owl:Thing Length
sourceMountain (edit) source mountain owl:Thing Mountain
sourceName (edit) Source Name owl:Thing VaccinationStatistics VaccinationStatistics: Source Authority name.
sourcePlace (edit) source place owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
sourcePosition (edit) source position owl:Thing geo:SpatialThing
sourceRegion (edit) source region owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
sourceState (edit) source state owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
sourceText (edit) sourceText owl:Thing rdf:langString Source of something (eg an image) as text. Use dct:source if the source is described using a resource
sourceWebsite (edit) Source Website owl:Thing VaccinationStatistics VaccinationStatistics: source website.
southEastPlace (edit) south-east place Place Place indicates another place situated south-east.
southPlace (edit) south place Place Place indicates another place situated south.
southWestPlace (edit) south-west place Place Place indicates another place situated south-west.
sovereignCountry (edit) sovereign country Place PopulatedPlace
speaker (edit) speaker owl:Thing xsd:integer number of office holder
specialist (edit) specialist owl:Thing PersonFunction
specialization (edit) specialization owl:Thing owl:Thing Points out the subject or thing someone or something is specialized in (for).
sport (edit) sport owl:Thing Sport
sportGoverningBody (edit) sport governing body owl:Thing owl:Thing
stadium (edit) Stadium owl:Thing Stadium
startOccupation (edit) start occupation owl:Thing xsd:string
startPoint (edit) start point Place Place
startYear (edit) start year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
statName (edit) stat name owl:Thing xsd:string
statValue (edit) stat value owl:Thing xsd:double
state (edit) state owl:Thing PopulatedPlace
stateDelegate (edit) state delegate owl:Thing Person
status (edit) status owl:Thing xsd:string
statusYear (edit) status year Place xsd:string
subPrefecture (edit) subprefecture Place xsd:string
subdivision (edit) subdivision owl:Thing owl:Thing
subdivisionLink (edit) subdivision link Place xsd:string
subdivisions (edit) subdivisions owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
sublimationPoint (edit) sublimation point owl:Thing Temperature
subregion (edit) subregion Place Place
subsystem (edit) subsystem Place xsd:string
subsystemLink (edit) subsystem link Place xsd:string
subtitle (edit) subtitle owl:Thing xsd:string
successfulLaunches (edit) successful launches owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
successor (edit) successor owl:Thing owl:Thing
sudocId (edit) SUDOC id owl:Thing xsd:string Système universitaire de documentation id (French collaborative library catalog).$1
supply (edit) supply Place Place
surfaceFormOccurrenceOffset (edit) position in which a surface occurs in a text owl:Thing xsd:string
surfaceType (edit) type of surface owl:Thing xsd:string
synonym (edit) synonym owl:Thing xsd:string
systemRequirements (edit) minimum system requirements owl:Thing xsd:string
tag (edit) tag owl:Thing xsd:date
taoiseach (edit) taoiseach owl:Thing Person head of government of Ireland
team (edit) team owl:Thing SportsTeam
teamSize (edit) team size owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
televisionSeries (edit) television series owl:Thing TelevisionShow
temperature (edit) temperature owl:Thing Temperature
tennisSurfaceType (edit) type of tennis surface owl:Thing xsd:string There are five types of court surface used in professional play. Each surface is different in the speed and height of the bounce of the ball.
termPeriod (edit) term period owl:Thing TimePeriod
thirdPlace (edit) third place owl:Thing xsd:string
thumbnail (edit) thumbnail owl:Thing Image Reserved for DBpedia.
thumbnailCaption (edit) thumbnail caption owl:Thing xsd:string
time (edit) time owl:Thing xsd:string
timeInSpace (edit) total time person has spent in space owl:Thing Time
timeZone (edit) time zone Place owl:Thing
title (edit) title owl:Thing rdf:langString
topSpeed (edit) top speed owl:Thing Speed
totalLaunches (edit) total launches owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
totalVaccinations (edit) Total Vaccinations owl:Thing VaccinationStatistics VaccinationStatistics: Total vaccinations per date and country.
totalVaccinationsPerHundred (edit) Total Vaccinations Per Hundred owl:Thing VaccinationStatistics VaccinationStatistics: vaccinations per hundred.
tradeMark (edit) TradeMark owl:Thing owl:Thing
translatedMotto (edit) translated motto owl:Thing xsd:string
tree (edit) tree Place Species
type (edit) type owl:Thing owl:Thing
typeCoordinate (edit) type coordinate Place xsd:string Scale parameters that can be understood by Geohack, eg "type:", "scale:", "region:" "altitude:". Use "_" for several (eg "type:landmark_scale:50000"). Seeèle:Infobox_Subdivision_administrative for examples, andèle:GeoTemplate/Utilisation#La_mention_Type:... for a complete list
ulanId (edit) ULAN id owl:Thing xsd:string Union List of Artist Names id (Getty Research Institute). ULAN has 293,000 names and other information about artists. Names in ULAN may include given names, pseudonyms, variant spellings, names in multiple languages, and names that have changed over time (e.g., married names).$1
unesco (edit) unesco Place PopulatedPlace
university (edit) university owl:Thing EducationalInstitution university a person goes or went to.
unloCode (edit) UN/LOCODE Place xsd:string UN/LOCODE, the United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations, is a geographic coding scheme developed and maintained by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), a unit of the United Nations. UN/LOCODE assigns codes to locations used in trade and transport with functions such as seaports, rail and road terminals, airports, post offices and border crossing points.
updated (edit) updated owl:Thing xsd:date The last update date of a resource
uses (edit) uses owl:Thing owl:Thing
usk (edit) approved rating of the Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body in Germany owl:Thing xsd:integer
utcOffset (edit) UTC offset Place xsd:string
vaccine (edit) Vaccine owl:Thing xsd:string
value (edit) value owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
variantOf (edit) variant or variation owl:Thing owl:Thing variant or variation of something, for example the variant of a car
vehicle (edit) vehicle owl:Thing Automobile vehicle that uses a specific automobile platform
vehicleCode (edit) vehicle code Place xsd:string Region related vehicle code on the vehicle plates.
viafId (edit) VIAF Id owl:Thing xsd:string Virtual International Authority File ID (operated by Online Computer Library Center, OCLC). Property range set to Agent because of corporate authors
viceChancellor (edit) vice chancellor owl:Thing Person
vicePresident (edit) vice president owl:Thing Person
vicePrimeMinister (edit) vice prime minister owl:Thing Person
victim (edit) victim (resource) owl:Thing owl:Thing Specific (eg notable) person, or specific class of people (eg Romani) that are victim of a ConcentrationCamp, Criminal, SerialKiller, or some other atrocity
victims (edit) victims (string) owl:Thing xsd:string Type, description, or name(s) of victims of a ConcentrationCamp, Criminal, SerialKiller, or some other atrocity
voice (edit) voice owl:Thing Person Voice artist used in a TelevisionShow, Movie, or to sound the voice of a FictionalCharacter
volume (edit) volume owl:Thing Volume
volumeQuote (edit) volume quote Place xsd:string
water (edit) water Place xsd:string
waterArea (edit) area of water Place Area
waterPercentage (edit) water percentage of a place Place xsd:float
webcast (edit) webcast owl:Thing owl:Thing The URL to the webcast of the Thing.
websiteLabel (edit) label of a website owl:Thing rdf:langString
weight (edit) weight owl:Thing Mass
westPlace (edit) west place Place Place indicates another place situated west.
wholeArea (edit) whole area Place Area
width (edit) width owl:Thing Length
widthQuote (edit) width quote Place xsd:string
wikiPageCharacterSize (edit) Character size of wiki page owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger Needs to be removed, left at the moment to not break DBpedia Live
wikiPageDisambiguates (edit) Wikipage disambiguates owl:Thing owl:Thing Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageEditLink (edit) Link to the Wikipage edit URL owl:Thing owl:Thing Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageExternalLink (edit) Link from a Wikipage to an external page owl:Thing owl:Thing Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageExtracted (edit) extraction datetime owl:Thing xsd:dateTime Date a page was extracted ''''''
wikiPageHistoryLink (edit) Link to the Wikipage history URL owl:Thing owl:Thing Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageID (edit) Wikipage page ID owl:Thing xsd:integer Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageInDegree (edit) Wiki page in degree owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageInterLanguageLink (edit) Link from a Wikipage to a Wikipage in a different language about the same or a related subject. owl:Thing owl:Thing Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageLength (edit) page length (characters) of wiki page owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageModified (edit) Wikipage modification datetime owl:Thing xsd:dateTime Reserved for DBpedia ''''''
wikiPageOutDegree (edit) Wiki page out degree owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageRedirects (edit) Wikipage redirect owl:Thing owl:Thing Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageRevisionID (edit) Wikipage revision ID owl:Thing xsd:integer Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageRevisionLink (edit) Link to the Wikipage revision URL owl:Thing owl:Thing Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageUsesTemplate (edit) wiki page uses template owl:Thing WikimediaTemplate DO NOT USE THIS PROPERTY! For internal use only.
wikiPageWikiLink (edit) Link from a Wikipage to another Wikipage owl:Thing owl:Thing Reserved for DBpedia.
wikiPageWikiLinkText (edit) Text used to link from a Wikipage to another Wikipage owl:Thing owl:Thing Reserved for DBpedia.
wikidataSplitIri (edit) Wikidata IRI slit owl:Thing owl:Thing is used to denote splitting of a Wikidata IRI to one or more IRIs
wins (edit) wins owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
year (edit) year owl:Thing xsd:gYear
yearOfConstruction (edit) year of construction Place xsd:gYear The year in which construction of the Place was finished.
zodiacSign (edit) zodiac sign owl:Thing owl:Thing Zodiac Sign. Applies to persons, planets, etc
ادئیگی_کی_تاریخ (edit) undefined owl:Thing xsd:date
انتظامی_درجہ (edit) administrative status owl:Thing xsd:string
انعام (edit) undefined owl:Thing انعام
اے_ٹی_سی_کوڈ (edit) undefined owl:Thing xsd:string
تعارفی_نشان (edit) undefined owl:Thing xsd:string
حساب_کی_ضرورت (edit) undefined owl:Thing owl:Thing
خلاصہ (edit) has abstract owl:Thing rdf:langString
رسائی (edit) access owl:Thing xsd:string
رسائی_کی_تاریخ (edit) undefined owl:Thing xsd:date
رقبہ (edit) undefined owl:Thing Area
روزانہ_ویکسین_خام (edit) undefined owl:Thing ویکسینیشن کے اعدادوشمار
ضابطہ (edit) undefined owl:Thing xsd:string
فعال_سال_آخر_سال (edit) undefined owl:Thing xsd:gYear
فعال_سال_کی_شروعات_کی_تاریخ (edit) active years start date owl:Thing xsd:date
مجموعی_آبادی_کل (edit) agglomeration population total owl:Thing xsd:nonNegativeInteger
مخفف (edit) abbreviation owl:Thing xsd:string
منسلک_سازینه (edit) undefined owl:Thing گانے والوں کا گروہ
کتاب (edit) undefined owl:Thing xsd:string