Animal (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (gl): animal
Label (pt): animal
Label (ja): 動物
Label (de): Tier
Label (fr): animal
Label (es): animal
Label (ko): 동물
Label (da): dyr
Label (ur): جانور
Label (sl): žival
Label (ga): ainmhí
Label (it): animale
Label (sk): zviera
Label (nl): dier
Label (en): animal
Label (el): ζώο
Super classes: Eukaryote

Properties on Animal:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
birthDate (edit) birth date Animal xsd:date
birthPlace (edit) birth place Animal Place where the person was born
breeder (edit) breeder Animal Person
dam (edit) dam Animal Animal
damsire (edit) damsire Animal Animal
deathDate (edit) death date Animal xsd:date
deathPlace (edit) death place Animal Place The place where the person died.
foalDate (edit) foal date Animal xsd:date
grandsire (edit) grandsire Animal Animal
sire (edit) sire Animal Animal