Family (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (el): οικογένεια
Label (ga): teaghlach
Label (fr): famille
Label (de): Familie
Label (es): familia
Label (da): familie
Label (ja): 家族
Label (en): family
Label (nl): familie
Comment (en): A group of people related by common descent, a lineage.
Comment (el): Μια ομάδα ανθρώπων που συνδέονται με κοινή καταγωγή, μια γενεαλογία.
Super classes: Agent

Properties on Family:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
age (edit) age Agent xsd:integer
artPatron (edit) patron (art) Agent Artist An influential, wealthy person who supported an artist, craftsman, a scholar or a noble.. See also
championships (edit) championships Agent xsd:nonNegativeInteger
denomination (edit) denomination Agent owl:Thing Religious denomination of a church, religious school, etc. Examples: Haredi_Judaism, Sunni_Islam, Seventh-day_Adventist_Church, Non-Denominational, Multi-denominational, Non-denominational_Christianity
discipline (edit) discipline Agent owl:Thing
familyMember (edit) family member Family Person
generalCouncil (edit) general council Agent TermOfOffice
headOfFamily (edit) family head Family Person
hometown (edit) home town Agent Settlement
ideology (edit) ideology Agent Ideology
juniorSeason (edit) junior season Agent owl:Thing
lastFamilyMember (edit) last family member Family Person
managerSeason (edit) manager season Agent owl:Thing
nationalSelection (edit) national selection Agent owl:Thing
owns (edit) owns Agent Thing Used as if meaning: has property rights over
playerSeason (edit) player season Agent owl:Thing
primogenitor (edit) primogenitor, first forebear Family Person
regionalCouncil (edit) regional council Agent TermOfOffice
roleInEvent (edit) A Person's role in an event Agent Event
season (edit) season Agent owl:Thing