FormerMunicipality (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (en): one-time municipality
Label (fr): commune historique
Label (de): ehemalige Gemeinde
Label (nl): voormalige gemeente
Comment (en): A municipality that has ceased to exist, and most of the time got incorporated (wholesale or partly) into another municipality
Super classes: Municipality

Properties on FormerMunicipality:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
amsterdamCode (edit) Amsterdam Code Municipality xsd:string
departmentCode (edit) code of the department Municipality xsd:string
hasAbsorbedMunicipality (edit) the previous municipality from which this one has been created or enlarged Municipality FormerMunicipality
municipalityAbsorbedBy (edit) absorbed by FormerMunicipality Municipality
municipalityRenamedTo (edit) a municipality's new name Municipality xsd:string
municipalityType (edit) type of municipality Municipality xsd:string
presentMunicipality (edit) present municipality FormerMunicipality Municipality
presentName (edit) a municipality's present name FormerMunicipality xsd:string