Library (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (pl): biblioteka
Label (el): βιβλιοθήκη
Label (ga): leabharlann
Label (fr): bibliothèque
Label (de): Bibliothek
Label (es): Biblioteca
Label (da): bibliotek
Label (ja): 図書館
Label (en): library
Label (ko): 도서관
Label (nl): bibliotheek
Super classes: EducationalInstitution

Properties on Library:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
actingHeadteacher (edit) acting headteacher EducationalInstitution Person
alumni (edit) alumni EducationalInstitution Person
assistantPrincipal (edit) assistant principal EducationalInstitution owl:Thing
brinCode (edit) BRIN code EducationalInstitution xsd:string The code used by the Dutch Ministry of Education to identify a school (as an organisation)
campusType (edit) campus type EducationalInstitution rdf:langString
closed (edit) closed EducationalInstitution xsd:date
custodian (edit) custodian EducationalInstitution Person
dean (edit) dean EducationalInstitution Person
educationSystem (edit) education system EducationalInstitution owl:Thing
facultySize (edit) faculty size EducationalInstitution xsd:nonNegativeInteger number of faculty members
head (edit) head EducationalInstitution Person
isil (edit) International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations (ISIL) Library xsd:string
nationalRanking (edit) national ranking EducationalInstitution xsd:positiveInteger
numberOfAcademicStaff (edit) number of academic staff EducationalInstitution xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfCollectionItems (edit) number of items in collection Library xsd:integer Indication as to the size of the collection of this library
numberOfGraduateStudents (edit) number of graduate students EducationalInstitution xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfStudents (edit) number of students EducationalInstitution xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfUndergraduateStudents (edit) number of undergraduate students EducationalInstitution xsd:nonNegativeInteger
offeredClasses (edit) offered classes EducationalInstitution xsd:string
officialSchoolColour (edit) official school colour EducationalInstitution xsd:string The official colour of the EducationalInstitution represented by the colour name (e.g.: red or green).
principal (edit) principal EducationalInstitution Person Principal of an educational institution (school)
rector (edit) rector EducationalInstitution Person