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Label (de): Theaterstück
Label (el): παιχνίδι
Label (fr): pièce de théâtre
Label (es): obra de teatro
Label (ga): dráma
Label (nl): toneelstuk
Label (ja): 戯曲
Label (en): play
Comment (en): A play is a form of literature written by a playwright, usually consisting of scripted dialogue between characters, intended for theatrical performance rather than just reading.
Comment (el): Ένα παιχνίδι είναι μια μορφή της λογοτεχνίας, γραμμένο από έναν συγγραφέα, που συνήθως αποτελείται από σενάριο του διαλόγου μεταξύ των χαρακτήρων, που προορίζεται για την θεατρική παράσταση και όχι μόνο ανάγνωση.
Super classes: WrittenWork

Properties on Play:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
characterInPlay (edit) character in play Play xsd:string Name of a character in play.
chorusCharacterInPlay (edit) chorus character in play Play xsd:string The name of the (Greek) chorus character in play.
circulation (edit) circulation WrittenWork xsd:nonNegativeInteger
coden (edit) CODEN WrittenWork xsd:string CODEN is a six character, alphanumeric bibliographic code, that provides concise, unique and unambiguous identification of the titles of serials and non-serial publications from all subject areas.
dutchPPNCode (edit) Dutch PPN code WrittenWork xsd:string Dutch PPN code is a library cataloguing code for collection items (books, journals and the like).
filmVersion (edit) film version WrittenWork Film
firstPublicationDate (edit) first publication date WrittenWork xsd:date Date of the first publication.
firstPublisher (edit) first publisher WrittenWork Agent
ibdbId (edit) IBDB ID Play xsd:string The Internet Broadway Database ID (IBDB ID) from
illustrator (edit) illustrator WrittenWork Person Illustrator (where used throughout and a major feature)
iobdbId (edit) IOBDB ID Play xsd:string Lortel Archives Internet Off-Broadway database "show id" from
isbn (edit) ISBN WrittenWork xsd:string The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier based upon the 9-digit Standard Book Numbering (SBN) code.
lastPublicationDate (edit) last publication date WrittenWork xsd:date Date of the last publication.
lcc (edit) LCC WrittenWork xsd:string The Library of Congress Classification (LCC) is a system of library classification developed by the Library of Congress.
lccn (edit) LCCN WrittenWork xsd:string The Library of Congress Control Number or LCCN is a serially based system of numbering cataloging records in the Library of Congress in the United States. It has nothing to do with the contents of any book, and should not be confused with Library of Congress Classification.
literaryGenre (edit) literary genre WrittenWork owl:Thing A literary genre is a category of literary composition. Genres may be determined by literary technique, tone, content, or even (as in the case of fiction) length.
magazine (edit) magazine WrittenWork Magazine
mediaType (edit) media type WrittenWork owl:Thing Print / On-line (then binding types etc. if relevant)
muteCharacterInPlay (edit) mute character in play Play xsd:string Name of a mute character in play.
nonFictionSubject (edit) non-fiction subject WrittenWork owl:Thing The subject of a non-fiction book (e.g.: History, Biography, Cookbook, Climate change, ...).
numberOfPages (edit) number of pages WrittenWork xsd:positiveInteger The books number of pages.
numberOfVolumes (edit) number of volumes WrittenWork xsd:nonNegativeInteger
oclc (edit) OCLC WrittenWork xsd:string Online Computer Library Center number
prefaceBy (edit) author of preface WrittenWork Person
premiereDate (edit) premiere date Play xsd:date Date the play was first performed.
premierePlace (edit) premiere place Play owl:Thing The theatre and/or city the play was first performed in.
premiereYear (edit) premiere year Play xsd:gYear Year the play was first performed.
settingOfPlay (edit) setting of play Play xsd:string The places and time where the play takes place.
subjectOfPlay (edit) subject of play Play xsd:string The overall subject matter dealt with by the play.