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Label (de): Single
Label (el): single
Label (fr): single
Label (ga): singil
Label (ko): 싱글
Label (nl): single
Label (ja): シングル
Label (en): single
Comment (en): In music, a single or record single is a type of release, typically a recording of fewer tracks than an LP or a CD.
Super classes: MusicalWork

Properties on Single:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
aSide (edit) a side Single xsd:string
artist (edit) performer MusicalWork Agent The performer or creator of the musical work.
bSide (edit) b side Single xsd:string
certification (edit) certification Single xsd:string
certificationDate (edit) certification date Single xsd:date
lyrics (edit) lyrics MusicalWork Person Creator of the text of a MusicalWork, eg Musical, Opera or Song
musicType (edit) musicType MusicalWork owl:Thing Type is too general. We should be able to distinguish types of music from types of architecture
musicalArtist (edit) musical artist Single MusicalArtist
musicalBand (edit) musical band Single Band
musicalKey (edit) musical key MusicalWork xsd:string
recordDate (edit) record date MusicalWork xsd:date
recordedIn (edit) recorded in MusicalWork PopulatedPlace