Spacecraft (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (el): διαστημόπλοιο
Label (ja): 宇宙機
Label (de): Raumfahrzeug
Label (en): spacecraft
Label (ko): 우주선
Label (nl): ruimtevaartuig
Label (fr): vaisseau spatial
Label (ga): spásárthach
Super classes: MeanOfTransportation

Properties on Spacecraft:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
assembly (edit) assembly MeanOfTransportation owl:Thing
cargoFuel (edit) cargo fuel Spacecraft Mass
cargoGas (edit) cargo gas Spacecraft Mass
cargoWater (edit) cargo water Spacecraft Mass
class (edit) class MeanOfTransportation owl:Thing
crew (edit) crew Spacecraft SpaceMission
decay (edit) decay Spacecraft xsd:date
designCompany (edit) designer company MeanOfTransportation Company
dischargeAverage (edit) discharge average MeanOfTransportation FlowRate
dockedTime (edit) docked time Spacecraft Time
dryCargo (edit) dry cargo Spacecraft Mass
enginePower (edit) engine power MeanOfTransportation xsd:positiveInteger Power to be expressed in Watts (kiloWatt, megaWatt)
engineType (edit) engine type MeanOfTransportation owl:Thing
freeFlightTime (edit) free flight time Spacecraft Time
inclination (edit) inclination Spacecraft xsd:float
introductionDate (edit) introduction date MeanOfTransportation xsd:date
launch (edit) launch Spacecraft xsd:date
modelEndDate (edit) model end date MeanOfTransportation xsd:date
modelEndYear (edit) model end year MeanOfTransportation xsd:gYear
modelLineVehicle (edit) type series MeanOfTransportation xsd:string
modelStartDate (edit) model start date MeanOfTransportation xsd:date
modelStartYear (edit) model start year MeanOfTransportation xsd:gYear
numberOfCrew (edit) number of crew MeanOfTransportation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfLaunches (edit) number of launches MeanOfTransportation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfSeats (edit) number of seats MeanOfTransportation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
powerType (edit) power type MeanOfTransportation owl:Thing
rebuilder (edit) rebuilder MeanOfTransportation owl:Thing
regime (edit) regime Spacecraft xsd:string
relatedMeanOfTransportation (edit) related mean of transportation MeanOfTransportation MeanOfTransportation
rocket (edit) rocket Spacecraft Rocket
targetSpaceStation (edit) target space station station Spacecraft SpaceStation
totalCargo (edit) total cargo Spacecraft Mass
totalMass (edit) total mass Spacecraft Mass
version (edit) version MeanOfTransportation owl:Thing