Station (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (el): Σταθμός
Label (pt): estação
Label (ga): stáisiún
Label (fr): gare
Label (de): Bahnhof
Label (ru): станция
Label (es): estación
Label (ja):
Label (en): station
Label (nl): station
Comment (en): Public transport station (eg. railway station, metro station, bus station).
Comment (ru): Остановка общественного транспорта (например: железнодорожная станция, станция метро, автостанция).
Super classes: Infrastructure

Properties on Station:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
agencyStationCode (edit) agency station code Station xsd:string Agency station code (used on tickets/reservations, etc.).
availableSmartCard (edit) available smart card Station owl:Thing Smartcard for fare payment system for public transit systems that are or will be available at the station.
bicycleInformation (edit) bicycle information Station xsd:string Information on station's bicycle facilities.
canBaggageChecked (edit) can baggage checked Station xsd:boolean Whether bags can be checked.
caterer (edit) caterer Infrastructure Caterer
fareZone (edit) fare zone Station xsd:string The fare zone in which station is located.
iataLocationIdentifier (edit) IATA Location Identifier Infrastructure xsd:string
isHandicappedAccessible (edit) is handicapped accessible Station xsd:boolean True if the station is handicapped accessible.
numberOfPlatformLevels (edit) number of platform levels Station xsd:integer Number of levels of platforms at the station.
numberOfTracks (edit) number of tracks Infrastructure xsd:nonNegativeInteger Number of tracks of a railway or railway station.
otherServingLines (edit) other serving lines Station xsd:string Connecting services that serve the station such as bus, etc.
parkingInformation (edit) parking information Station xsd:string Information on station's parking facilities.
passengersPerDay (edit) passengers per day Infrastructure xsd:nonNegativeInteger Number of passengers per day.
passengersPerYear (edit) passengers per year Infrastructure xsd:nonNegativeInteger Number of passengers per year.
passengersUsedSystem (edit) passengers used system Station xsd:string System the passengers are using (from which the passenger statistics are).
previousInfrastructure (edit) previous infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure
railwayPlatforms (edit) railway platforms Station xsd:string Information on the type of platform(s) at the station.
road (edit) road Infrastructure Road
servingRailwayLine (edit) serving railway line Station owl:Thing Railway services that serve the station.
stationStructure (edit) station structure Station xsd:string Type of station structure (underground, at-grade, or elevated).
subsequentInfrastructure (edit) subsequent infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure
yearOfElectrification (edit) year of electrification Station xsd:gYear Year station was electrified, if not previously at date of opening.