TennisPlayer (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (el): παίχτης τένις
Label (pt): jogador de tennis
Label (ga): imreoir leadóige
Label (fr): joueur de tennis
Label (de): Tennisspieler
Label (es): tenista
Label (ja): テニス選手
Label (en): tennis player
Label (nl): tennisser
Super classes: Athlete

Properties on TennisPlayer:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
asiaChampionship (edit) asia championship Athlete xsd:string
athleticsDiscipline (edit) athletics discipline Athlete Athletics
australiaOpenDouble (edit) australia open double TennisPlayer xsd:string
australiaOpenMixed (edit) australia open mixed TennisPlayer xsd:string
australiaOpenSingle (edit) australia open single TennisPlayer xsd:string
backhand (edit) backhand Athlete xsd:string
battingSide (edit) batting side Athlete xsd:string
bestRankDouble (edit) best rank double TennisPlayer xsd:string
bestRankSingle (edit) best rank single TennisPlayer xsd:string
bowlingSide (edit) bowling side Athlete xsd:string
britishOpen (edit) britishOpen Athlete xsd:string
bronzeMedalDouble (edit) bronze medal double TennisPlayer xsd:string
bronzeMedalMixed (edit) bronze medal mixed TennisPlayer xsd:string
bronzeMedalSingle (edit) bronze medal single TennisPlayer xsd:string
careerPrizeMoney (edit) career prize money TennisPlayer Currency
club (edit) club Athlete SportsTeam
coachClub (edit) coach club Athlete SportsTeam
coachSeason (edit) coach season Athlete xsd:string
collegeHof (edit) college hof Athlete xsd:string
currentLeague (edit) current league Athlete SportsLeague
currentTeam (edit) current team Athlete SportsTeam
davisCup (edit) davis cup TennisPlayer xsd:string
debutTeam (edit) debut team Athlete SportsTeam
draftLeague (edit) draft league Athlete xsd:string
draftPosition (edit) draft position Athlete xsd:nonNegativeInteger
draftTeam (edit) draft team Athlete SportsTeam
espnId (edit) ESPN id Athlete xsd:integer
europeanChampionship (edit) european championship Athlete xsd:string
fedCup (edit) fed cup Athlete xsd:string
fibahof (edit) fibahof Athlete xsd:string
finalLost (edit) final lost TennisPlayer xsd:nonNegativeInteger
finalLostDouble (edit) final lost double TennisPlayer xsd:string
finalLostSingle (edit) final lost single TennisPlayer xsd:string
finalLostTeam (edit) final lost team Athlete xsd:string
firstProMatch (edit) first pro match Athlete xsd:string
formerTeam (edit) former team Athlete SportsTeam
goldMedalDouble (edit) gold medal double TennisPlayer xsd:string
goldMedalMixed (edit) gold medal mixed TennisPlayer xsd:string
goldMedalSingle (edit) gold medal single TennisPlayer xsd:string
heightAgainst (edit) height against Athlete xsd:string
heightAttack (edit) height attack Athlete xsd:string
heisman (edit) heisman Athlete xsd:string
hof (edit) hof Athlete xsd:string
hopmanCup (edit) hopman cup Athlete xsd:string
horseRidingDiscipline (edit) horse riding discipline Athlete Sport
ithfDate (edit) ithf date Athlete xsd:string
juniorTeam (edit) junior team Athlete SportsTeam
lastProMatch (edit) last pro match Athlete xsd:string
laterality (edit) laterality Athlete xsd:string
managerClub (edit) manager club Athlete SportsTeam
mvp (edit) mvp Athlete xsd:string
nationalChampionship (edit) national championship Athlete xsd:string
nationalTeam (edit) national team Athlete SportsTeam
ncaaSeason (edit) ncaa season Athlete xsd:string
ncaaTeam (edit) ncaa team Athlete SportsTeam
ncbhof (edit) ncbhof Athlete xsd:string
nflCode (edit) nfl code Athlete xsd:string
nflSeason (edit) nfl season Athlete xsd:string
nflTeam (edit) nfl team Athlete SportsTeam
number (edit) number Athlete xsd:string Jersey number of an Athlete (sports player, eg "99") or sequential number of an Album (eg "Third studio album")
oldTeamCoached (edit) old team coached Athlete SportsTeam
otherSportsExperience (edit) otherSportsExperience Athlete Athletics
plays (edit) plays TennisPlayer xsd:string
probowlPick (edit) pro bowl pick Athlete xsd:string
qatarClassic (edit) qatar classic Athlete xsd:string
racketCatching (edit) racket catching TennisPlayer xsd:string
rankingsDoubles (edit) doubles rankings TennisPlayer xsd:nonNegativeInteger
rankingsSingles (edit) single rankings TennisPlayer xsd:nonNegativeInteger
rolandGarrosDouble (edit) roland garros double TennisPlayer xsd:string
rolandGarrosMixed (edit) roland garros mixed TennisPlayer xsd:string
rolandGarrosSingle (edit) roland garros single TennisPlayer xsd:string
selectionPoint (edit) selection point Athlete xsd:nonNegativeInteger
selectionYear (edit) selection year Athlete xsd:string
silverMedalDouble (edit) silver medal double TennisPlayer xsd:string
silverMedalMixed (edit) silver medal mixed TennisPlayer xsd:string
silverMedalSingle (edit) silver medal single TennisPlayer xsd:string
sportCountry (edit) sport country Athlete Country The country, for which the athlete is participating in championships
sportSpecialty (edit) sport specialty Athlete Sport the sport specialty the athlete practices, e.g. 'Ring' for a men's artistic gymnastics athlete
stateOfOriginPoint (edit) state of origin point Athlete xsd:nonNegativeInteger
stateOfOriginTeam (edit) state of origin team Athlete SportsTeam
stateOfOriginYear (edit) state of origin year Athlete xsd:string
superbowlWin (edit) superbowl win Athlete xsd:string
supplementalDraftRound (edit) supplemental draft round Athlete xsd:string
teamCoached (edit) team coached Athlete SportsTeam
teamPoint (edit) team point Athlete xsd:nonNegativeInteger
teamTitle (edit) team title Athlete xsd:string
titleDouble (edit) title double TennisPlayer xsd:string
titleSingle (edit) title single TennisPlayer xsd:string
tournamentOfChampions (edit) tournament of champions Athlete xsd:string
trainer (edit) trainer Athlete Person
usOpenDouble (edit) us open double TennisPlayer xsd:string
usOpenMixed (edit) us open mixed TennisPlayer xsd:string
usOpenSingle (edit) us open single TennisPlayer xsd:string
wimbledonDouble (edit) wimbledon double TennisPlayer xsd:string
wimbledonMixed (edit) wimbledon mixed TennisPlayer xsd:string
wimbledonSingle (edit) wimbledon single TennisPlayer xsd:string
worldChampionTitleYear (edit) year of world champion title Athlete xsd:string can be one or several years
worldOpen (edit) world open Athlete xsd:string
worldTeamCup (edit) world team cup Athlete xsd:string
youthClub (edit) youth club Athlete SportsTeam