Town (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (hi): नगर
Label (ja):
Label (de): Stadt
Label (fr): ville
Label (ur): قصبہ
Label (ga): baile
Label (nl): stad
Label (pl): miasteczko
Label (en): town
Label (el): πόλη
Comment (en): a settlement ranging from a few hundred to several thousand (occasionally hundreds of thousands). The precise meaning varies between countries and is not always a matter of legal definition. Usually, a town is thought of as larger than a village but smaller than a city, though there are exceptions to this rule.
Comment (ur): چند سو سے لے کر کئی ہزار (کبھی کبھار سیکڑوں ہزاروں) تک کی تصفیہ۔ درست معنی ممالک کے درمیان مختلف ہوتے ہیں اور یہ ہمیشہ قانونی تعریف کا معاملہ نہیں ہوتا ہے۔ عام طور پر، ایک قصبہ کو گاؤں سے بڑا لیکن شہر سے چھوٹا سمجھا جاتا ہے، حالانکہ اس اصول میں مستثنیات ہیں
Super classes: Settlement

Properties on Town:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
adjacentSettlement (edit) adjacent settlement of a switzerland settlement Settlement Settlement
administrativeCollectivity (edit) administrative collectivity Settlement PopulatedPlace
administrativeDistrict (edit) administrative district Settlement PopulatedPlace
agglomerationPopulation (edit) agglomeration population Settlement Population
agglomerationPopulationYear (edit) agglomerationPopulationYear Settlement xsd:string
associationOfLocalGovernment (edit) association of local government Settlement PopulatedPlace
bourgmestre (edit) bourgmestre Settlement Person
canton (edit) canton Settlement Settlement
coastLine (edit) coast line Settlement Length
codeSettlement (edit) settlement code Settlement xsd:string
collectivityMinority (edit) collectivity minority Settlement owl:Thing
commune (edit) commune Settlement Settlement
daira (edit) daira Settlement Place
day (edit) day Settlement xsd:date
distanceToBelfast (edit) distance to Belfast Settlement Length
distanceToCapital (edit) distance to capital Settlement Length
distanceToCardiff (edit) distance to Cardiff Settlement Length
distanceToCharingCross (edit) distance to Charing Cross Settlement Length
distanceToDouglas (edit) distance to Douglas Settlement Length
distanceToDublin (edit) distance to Dublin Settlement Length
distanceToEdinburgh (edit) distance to Edinburgh Settlement Length
distanceToLondon (edit) distance to London Settlement Length
distanceToNearestCity (edit) distance to nearest city Settlement Length
employersCelebration (edit) employer's celebration Settlement xsd:string
federalState (edit) federal state Settlement PopulatedPlace
frazioni (edit) frazioni Settlement PopulatedPlace
geolocDepartment (edit) geolocDepartment Settlement PopulatedPlace
highestPoint (edit) highest point Settlement Place
inseeCode (edit) INSEE code Settlement xsd:string numerical indexing code used by the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) to identify various entities
isCityState (edit) is a city state Settlement xsd:string
isoCodeRegion (edit) ISO region code Settlement xsd:string
jointCommunity (edit) joint community Settlement PopulatedPlace
landRegistryCode (edit) land registry code Settlement xsd:string
largestMetro (edit) largest metro Settlement PopulatedPlace
locality (edit) locality of a switzerland settlement Settlement xsd:string
lowestPoint (edit) lowest point Settlement Place
mergedSettlement (edit) merged settlement Settlement Settlement
minority (edit) minority Settlement Group
officialName (edit) official name Settlement rdf:langString
ofsCode (edit) ofs code of a settlement Settlement xsd:string Identifier used by the Swiss Federal Institute for Statistics
ons (edit) ONS ID (Office national des statistiques) Algeria Settlement xsd:nonNegativeInteger
otherInformation (edit) other information of a settlement Settlement xsd:string
otherLanguage (edit) other language of a settlement Settlement xsd:string
phonePrefixLabel (edit) phone prefix label of a settlement Settlement rdf:langString
politicalMajority (edit) political majority Settlement PoliticalParty
politicalSeats (edit) political seats Settlement xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationTotalReference (edit) total population reference Settlement owl:Thing
provCode (edit) prove code Settlement xsd:string
reffBourgmestre (edit) referent bourgmestre Settlement Person
sameName (edit) same name Settlement rdf:langString
settlementAttached (edit) settlement attached Settlement Place
summerTemperature (edit) summer temperature Settlement Temperature
twinTown (edit) twin city Settlement Settlement
urbanArea (edit) urban area Settlement xsd:string
wilaya (edit) wilaya Settlement Place
winterTemperature (edit) winter temperature Settlement Temperature