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https://github.com/dbpedia/mappings-tracker/issues/12 Replace with sportDiscipline

This property is the last one listed at the excellent page github.com/dbpedia/wikidata-mapper/wiki/Mapping-uncertainties

So I checked its usage:

Alpine_skiing_at_the_2002_Winter_Olympic dbo:event Alpine_skiing
Bobsleigh_at_the_2002_Winter_Olympic dbo:event Bobsleigh

Antonio_Pettigrew dbo:event Moški_tek_na_400_m (male race on 400m)

  • also checked it:FictionTV, fr:Infobox Circuit automobile, Mapping tr:Futbol ligi sezonu bilgi kutusu: but there are no instances
  • also checked one instance, eg 2006-07 Süper Lig

So dbo:event is used as "Sport discipline of a sportsman or sporting competition".

I think it should be replaced by OntologyProperty:SportDiscipline, relaxing the domain. Do you agree?

--VladimirAlexiev 14:12, 18 December 2014 (UTC)