Use the DBpedia Extraction Framework

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Once that there are infobox and/or table mappings for a language, you can run the DBpedia extraction. Several things have to be installed and configured, which is documented at

  • Section 1 describes what has to be installed to run the DBpedia extraction framework.
  • In section 4.1., all things that must be specified before starting the extraction from a dump file are listed. In the file "dump/" (using the file "dump/" as a template), you can specify the languages for which you want to extract, and which extractors should be used. For example, to run the HomepageExtractor and the MappingExtractor for Maltese, specify
languages=mt \
  • When you run the extraction (see section 4.2.), the MappingExtractor will extract the information from the infoboxes that you created a mapping for. The extracted triples will be saved in a file named "mappingbased_properties_mt.nt" (for Maltese) in the output directory you specified.