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Here we teach you some Volkswagen Golf jokes, coming straight from Pernik:

A working town. A badass town. A town where ferocious men live, always ready to pick a fight, wearing miners' hats with flashlights, wielding vinkels (steel L-beams), driving Volkswagen Golf Mk2, the plate numbers always starting with 'PK'. That's if your believe all the jokes about Pernik.

And jokes there are aplenty:

  • What do they call the new Liulin autobahn from Pernik to Sofia? "Golf Street"
    • No, it's "Vinkelstrasse"!
  • What's a nanosecond? Time elapsed from lights turning green to the PK Golf behind you beeping
  • What's LEGO? A Golf waiting to be assembled
  • What's a Hummer? A bleeping big Golf!
  • Why Pernik doesn't have any bus lanes? Because they have Golf lanes!
  • Volkswagen announced that their main plant will be moved from Wolfsburg to Pernik

A few violent jokes (I hope they make you laugh violently):

  • A mother asks his son coming back from the discoteque "Is everything alright"?
    • "Sure, I was gonna change my phone anyway, and those two teeth I din't use much"
  • Why do young people do star-gazing after leaving the disco? It stops the nose bleeding
  • How'd they call the Pernik central square after the 2012 earthquake? "Epicenter"
  • And the central discoteque? Why, "Magnitude"
  • In front of the disco: "Excuse me, is this a private fight, or may I join in?"
  • David Copperfield acquired his incredible ability to fly through windows and walls... in a Pernik disco!
  • What's an Avatar party? A fight until you're blue all over
  • When they start a fight, the earthquake can be felt even in Sofia
  • Cheating Pernik style: when someone else beats your wife
  • The newest AK-47 model: PK-47

Some Pernik recipes:

  • Pernik Baileys: a big Rakia with a small Boza
  • When Pernik men need ice for their Rakia, they call up an ice storm
  • The first Toblerone was made in Pernik: it was cast out in a vinkel has some funny pics, just don't believe them all. Two of my favorites: