Person (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (pl): osoba
Label (pt): pessoa
Label (nl): persoon
Label (el): Πληροφορίες προσώπου
Label (ur): شخص
Label (ga): duine
Label (fr): personne
Label (da): person
Label (hy): անձ
Label (es): persona
Label (am): ሰው
Label (it): persona
Label (ar): شخص
Label (sl): Oseba
Label (en): person
Label (ja): 人_(法律)
Label (de): Person
Label (eu): pertsona
Super classes: Animal

Properties on Person:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
achievement (edit) achievement Person owl:Thing
activeYears (edit) active years Person xsd:string Also called "floruit". Use this if the active years are in one field that can't be split. Else use activeYearsStartYear and activeYearsEndYear
activeYearsEndDateMgr (edit) active years end date manager Person xsd:string
activeYearsEndYearMgr (edit) active years end year manager Person xsd:gYear
activeYearsStartDateMgr (edit) active years start date manager Person xsd:date
activeYearsStartYearMgr (edit) active years start year manager Person xsd:gYear
activity (edit) activity Person owl:Thing
affair (edit) affair Person xsd:string
agency (edit) agency Person owl:Thing
allegiance (edit) allegiance Person xsd:string The country or other power the person served. Multiple countries may be indicated together with the corresponding dates. This field should not be used to indicate a particular service branch, which is better indicated by the branch field.
almaMater (edit) alma mater Person EducationalInstitution schools that they attended
announcedFrom (edit) announcedFrom Person Place
approach (edit) approach Person owl:Thing
arrestDate (edit) arrest date Person xsd:date
artisticFunction (edit) artistic function Person xsd:string
astrologicalSign (edit) astrological sign Person owl:Thing
awardName (edit) awardName Person xsd:string Award a person has received (literal). Compare to award (ObjectProperty)
badGuy (edit) bad guy Person xsd:string
bestLap (edit) best lap Person xsd:string
bigPoolRecord (edit) big pool record Person xsd:string
birthDate (edit) birth date Animal xsd:date
birthName (edit) birth name Person rdf:langString
birthPlace (edit) birth place Animal Place where the person was born
birthSign (edit) birth sign Person owl:Thing
birthYear (edit) birth year Person xsd:gYear
bloodGroup (edit) blood group Person xsd:string
bloodType (edit) blood type Person owl:Thing
board (edit) board Person owl:Thing
bodyDiscovered (edit) body discovered Person Place
breeder (edit) breeder Animal Person
britishWins (edit) british wins Person skos:Concept
bustSize (edit) bust size Person Length
bustWaistHipSize (edit) bust-waist-hip Size Person xsd:string Use this property if all 3 sizes are given together (DBpedia cannot currently extract 3 Lengths out of a field). Otherwise use separate fields bustSize, waistSize, hipSize
careerStation (edit) career station Person CareerStation this property links to a step in the career of a person, e.g. a soccer player, holding information on the time span, matches and goals he or she achieved at a club.
case (edit) case Person xsd:string
catch (edit) catch Person xsd:string
causeOfDeath (edit) cause of death Person xsd:string
child (edit) child Person Person
circumcised (edit) circumcised Person xsd:string
citizenship (edit) citizenship Person owl:Thing
clothSize (edit) cloth size Person xsd:string
clothingSize (edit) clothing size Person xsd:string
coalition (edit) coalition Person xsd:string
collaboration (edit) collaboration Person Person
colleague (edit) colleague Person Person Colleague of a Person or OfficeHolder (not PersonFunction nor CareerStation). Sub-properties include: president, vicePresident, chancellor, viceChancellor, governor, lieutenant. Points to a Person who may have a general "position" (resource) or "title" (literal).
college (edit) college Person EducationalInstitution
competitionTitle (edit) competition title Person SportsEvent
complexion (edit) complexion Person owl:Thing
contest (edit) contest Person Contest
continentalTournament (edit) continental tournament Person Tournament
continentalTournamentBronze (edit) continental tournament bronze Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
continentalTournamentGold (edit) continental tournament gold Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
continentalTournamentSilver (edit) continental tournament silver Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
convictionDate (edit) conviction date Person xsd:date
copilote (edit) copilote Person Person
cousurper (edit) cousurper Person Person
created (edit) created Person Work
currentTeamManager (edit) current team manager Person SportsTeam
dam (edit) dam Animal Animal
damsire (edit) damsire Animal Animal
danseCompetition (edit) danse competition Person xsd:string
danseScore (edit) danse score Person xsd:string
dateOfBurial (edit) date of burial Person xsd:date
deadInFightDate (edit) dead in fight date Person xsd:string
deadInFightPlace (edit) dead in fight place Person xsd:string
deathAge (edit) death age Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
deathCause (edit) death cause Person owl:Thing
deathDate (edit) death date Animal xsd:date
deathPlace (edit) death place Animal Place The place where the person died.
deathYear (edit) death year Person xsd:gYear
debutWork (edit) debutWork Person Work First work of a person (may be notableWork or not)
decoration (edit) decoration Person owl:Thing
derivedWord (edit) derived word Person xsd:string
detractor (edit) detractor Person Person
diploma (edit) diploma Person Diploma
dubber (edit) dubber Person Person the person who dubs another person e.g. an actor or a fictional character in movies
education (edit) education Person owl:Thing
educationPlace (edit) education place Person Place
electionDate (edit) election date Person xsd:date
employer (edit) employer Person Organisation
endCareer (edit) end career Person xsd:string
endReign (edit) end reign Person skos:Concept
escalafon (edit) escalafon Person xsd:string
ethnicity (edit) ethnicity Person EthnicGroup
expedition (edit) expedition Person xsd:string
externalOrnament (edit) external ornament Person xsd:string
eyeColor (edit) eye color Person xsd:string
eyeColour (edit) eye colour Person xsd:string
feat (edit) feat Person xsd:string
federation (edit) federation Person Organisation
filmNumber (edit) film number Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
foalDate (edit) foal date Animal xsd:date
foot (edit) foot Person xsd:string
freeDanseScore (edit) free danse score Person xsd:string
freeProgCompetition (edit) free prog competition Person xsd:string
freeProgScore (edit) free prog score Person xsd:string
freeScoreCompetition (edit) free score competition Person xsd:string
friend (edit) friend Person Person
fullCompetition (edit) full competition Person xsd:string
fullScore (edit) full score Person xsd:string
grandsire (edit) grandsire Animal Animal
grave (edit) grave Person xsd:string
gymApparatus (edit) gym apparatus Person owl:Thing
hairColor (edit) hair color Person xsd:string
hairColour (edit) hair colour Person xsd:string
hand (edit) hand Person owl:Thing
handedness (edit) handedness Person owl:Thing an attribute of humans defined by their unequal distribution of fine motor skill between the left and right hands.
handisport (edit) handisport Person xsd:string
hasNaturalBust (edit) has natural bust Person xsd:string
hipSize (edit) hip size Person Length
homage (edit) homage Person xsd:string
idNumber (edit) id number Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
iihfHof (edit) lihf hof Person xsd:string
imposedDanseCompetition (edit) imposed danse competition Person xsd:string
imposedDanseScore (edit) imposed danse score Person xsd:string
individualisedPnd (edit) individualised PND number Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger PND (Personennamendatei) data about a person. PND is published by the German National Library. For each person there is a record with her/his name, birth and occupation connected with a unique identifier, the PND number.
juniorYearsEndYear (edit) junior years end year Person xsd:gYear
juniorYearsStartYear (edit) junior years start year Person xsd:gYear
jutsu (edit) jutsu Person xsd:string
killedBy (edit) killed by Person xsd:string
lahHof (edit) lah hof Person xsd:string
leadership (edit) leadership Person xsd:string
leagueManager (edit) league manager Person SportsLeague
linguisticsTradition (edit) linguistics tradition Person owl:Thing
littlePoolRecord (edit) little pool record Person xsd:string
livingPlace (edit) livingPlace Person Place
mainDomain (edit) main domain Person owl:Thing
mastersWins (edit) masters wins Person skos:Concept
matchPoint (edit) match point Person xsd:string
measurements (edit) measurements Person xsd:string
media (edit) media Person owl:Thing
member (edit) member Person xsd:string
militaryService (edit) military service Person MilitaryService
mood (edit) mood Person xsd:string
mount (edit) mount Person xsd:string
movie (edit) movie Person Film
nationalTeamMatchPoint (edit) national team match point Person xsd:string
nationalTeamYear (edit) national team year Person xsd:string
nationalTournament (edit) National tournament Person Tournament
nationalTournamentBronze (edit) national tournament bronze Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
nationalTournamentGold (edit) national tournament gold Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
nationalTournamentSilver (edit) national tournament silver Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
nationality (edit) nationality Person Country
networth (edit) networth Person Currency
nndbId (edit) NNDB id Person xsd:string
nonProfessionalCareer (edit) non professional career Person xsd:string
notableIdea (edit) notableIdea Person owl:Thing
noteOnRestingPlace (edit) note on resting place Person xsd:string
numberOfRun (edit) number of run Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
olympicGames (edit) olympic games Person Tournament
olympicGamesBronze (edit) olympic games bronze Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
olympicGamesGold (edit) olympic games gold Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
olympicGamesSilver (edit) olympic games silver Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
olympicGamesWins (edit) olympic games wins Person xsd:string
opponent (edit) opponent Person Person
orientation (edit) orientation Person xsd:string
originalDanseCompetition (edit) original danse competititon Person xsd:string
originalDanseScore (edit) original danse score Person xsd:string
otherActivity (edit) other activity Person xsd:string
otherFunction (edit) other function Person owl:Thing
otherMedia (edit) other media Person PeriodicalLiterature
otherOccupation (edit) other occupation Person PersonFunction
parent (edit) parent Person Person
parliamentaryGroup (edit) parliamentary group Person xsd:string
particularSign (edit) particular sign Person xsd:string
partner (edit) partner Person Person
patent (edit) patent Person owl:Thing
penisLength (edit) penis length Person xsd:string
personFunction (edit) person function Person PersonFunction
pgaWins (edit) pga wins Person skos:Concept
philosophicalSchool (edit) philosophicalSchool Person owl:Thing
piercing (edit) piercing Person xsd:string
placeOfBurial (edit) place of burial Person Place The place where the person has been buried.
playerStatus (edit) player status Person xsd:string
podium (edit) podium Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
polePosition (edit) pole position Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
politicalFunction (edit) political function Person xsd:string
profession (edit) profession Person owl:Thing
project (edit) project Person Project
pseudonym (edit) pseudonym Person rdf:langString
publication (edit) publication Person xsd:string
raceWins (edit) race wins Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
radio (edit) radio Person RadioStation
reign (edit) reign Person xsd:string
reignName (edit) reign name Person xsd:string
relatedFunctions (edit) related functions Person List This property is to accommodate the list field that contains a list of related personFunctions a person holds or has held
relation (edit) relation Person Person
relative (edit) relative Person Person
residence (edit) residence Person Place Place of residence of a person.
restingDate (edit) resting date Person xsd:date
restingPlace (edit) resting place Person Place
restingPlacePosition (edit) resting place position Person geo:SpatialThing
retirementDate (edit) retirement date Person xsd:date
salary (edit) salary Person Currency
scene (edit) scene Person xsd:string
school (edit) school Person EducationalInstitution school a person goes or went to
seasonManager (edit) season manager Person xsd:string
second (edit) second Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
seiyu (edit) seiyu Person Person
sentence (edit) sentence Person xsd:string
sex (edit) sex Person xsd:string
sexualOrientation (edit) sexual orientation Person owl:Thing
shoeNumber (edit) shoe number Person xsd:positiveInteger
shoeSize (edit) shoe size Person xsd:string
shoot (edit) shoot Person xsd:string
shortProgCompetition (edit) short prog competition Person xsd:string
shortProgScore (edit) short prog score Person xsd:string
sibling (edit) sibling Person Person
signature (edit) signature Person xsd:string
significantProject (edit) significant project Person owl:Thing A siginificant artifact constructed by the person.
sire (edit) sire Animal Animal
skinColor (edit) skin color Person xsd:string
specialTrial (edit) special trial Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
speciality (edit) speciality Person xsd:string
sportDiscipline (edit) sport discipline Person Sport the sport discipline the athlete practices, e.g. Diving, or that a board member of a sporting club is focussing at
sportsFunction (edit) sports function Person xsd:string
spouse (edit) spouse Person Person the person they are married to
spouseName (edit) spouse name Person xsd:string
startCareer (edit) start career Person xsd:string
startReign (edit) start reign Person skos:Concept
startWct (edit) start xct Person xsd:string
startWqs (edit) start wqs Person xsd:string
stateOfOrigin (edit) state of origin Person Country
statusManager (edit) status manager Person xsd:string
student (edit) student Person Person
tattoo (edit) tattoo Person xsd:string
teamManager (edit) team manager Person SportsTeam
temple (edit) temple Person xsd:string
templeYear (edit) temple year Person xsd:string
tessitura (edit) tessitura Person xsd:string
third (edit) third Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
titleDate (edit) title date Person xsd:date
tvShow (edit) tvShow Person TelevisionShow
usopenWins (edit) usopen wins Person skos:Concept
usurper (edit) usurper Person Person
victory (edit) victory Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
victoryAsMgr (edit) victory as manager Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
victoryPercentageAsMgr (edit) victory percentage as manager Person xsd:double
waistSize (edit) waist size Person Length
weddingParentsDate (edit) Parents Wedding Date Person xsd:date
world (edit) world Person skos:Concept
worldTournament (edit) world tournament Person Tournament
worldTournamentBronze (edit) world tournament bronze Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
worldTournamentGold (edit) world tournament gold Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger
worldTournamentSilver (edit) world tournament silver Person xsd:nonNegativeInteger