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DBpedia Mappings Wiki

In this DBpedia Mappings Wiki you can help to enhance the information in DBpedia. The DBpedia Extraction Framework uses the mappings defined here to homogenize information extracted from Wikipedia before generating structured information in RDF.

Anybody can help by editing:

Mappings can be written for a variety of languages, connecting multiligual information to a language-independent unified ontology schema (language-specific labels can be provided there).

Mapping Example

This is how you write a simple infobox mapping.


| mapToClass = Actor 
| mappings = 
   {{ PropertyMapping | templateProperty = name | ontologyProperty = foaf:name }}
   {{ PropertyMapping | templateProperty = birth_place | ontologyProperty = birthPlace }}

This mapping extracts three information bits:

  1. the type information (Actor)
  2. the name of the actor
  3. the actor's place of birth.

Therefore, three RDF triples for each Infobox_actor in the English Wikipedia are extracted. For example for Vince Vaughn

dbpedia:Vince_Vaughn  rdf:type                dbpedia-owl:Actor   .
dbpedia:Vince_Vaughn  foaf:name               "Vince Vaughn"@en   .
dbpedia:Vince_Vaughn  dbpedia-owl:birthPlace  dbpedia:Minneapolis .

Detailed Information


If you would like to edit the mappings or ontology schema this is what you need:

  • a user account on this wiki (login/sign up)
  • editor rights
    • they will be given to you within a couple of days
    • if not, please ask for editor rights at Include your user name in the message.
    • once you got editor rights, please provide some information about yourself on your user wiki page
  • a namespace for the language you want to write mappings for

That's it!

That is all you need to kick-start. To get more detailed information, please follow the provided links.

Your contributions will be available

Happy mapping!

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