Aircraft (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (it): aereo
Label (zh): 飛機
Label (pl): samolot
Label (el): αεροσκάφος
Label (ga): aerárthach
Label (fr): avion
Label (de): Flugzeug
Label (gl): avión
Label (es): avión
Label (da): fly
Label (ja): 航空機
Label (en): aircraft
Label (ro): avion
Label (ko): 비행기
Label (nl): vliegtuig
Super classes: MeanOfTransportationschema:Product

Properties on Aircraft:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
aircraftType (edit) aircraft type Aircraft xsd:string
aircraftUser (edit) aircraft user Aircraft Organisation
assembly (edit) assembly MeanOfTransportation owl:Thing
ceiling (edit) ceiling Aircraft xsd:positiveInteger Maximum distance to the earth surface, to be expressed in kilometers
dischargeAverage (edit) discharge average MeanOfTransportation FlowRate
enginePower (edit) engine power MeanOfTransportation xsd:positiveInteger Power to be expressed in Watts (kiloWatt, megaWatt)
engineType (edit) engine type MeanOfTransportation owl:Thing
gun (edit) aircraft gun Aircraft xsd:string
introductionDate (edit) introduction date MeanOfTransportation xsd:date
modelEndDate (edit) model end date MeanOfTransportation xsd:date
modelEndYear (edit) model end year MeanOfTransportation xsd:gYear
modelLineVehicle (edit) type series MeanOfTransportation xsd:string
modelStartDate (edit) model start date MeanOfTransportation xsd:date
modelStartYear (edit) model start year MeanOfTransportation xsd:gYear
numberBuilt (edit) number built Aircraft xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfCrew (edit) number of crew MeanOfTransportation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfLaunches (edit) number of launches MeanOfTransportation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfSeats (edit) number of seats MeanOfTransportation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
powerType (edit) power type MeanOfTransportation owl:Thing
productionYears (edit) production years Aircraft xsd:date
programCost (edit) program cost Aircraft Currency
range (edit) range MeanOfTransportation xsd:positiveInteger Maximum distance without refueling
rebuilder (edit) rebuilder MeanOfTransportation owl:Thing
relatedMeanOfTransportation (edit) related mean of transportation MeanOfTransportation MeanOfTransportation
unitCost (edit) unit cost Aircraft Currency
version (edit) version MeanOfTransportation owl:Thing
wingArea (edit) wing area Aircraft Area
wingspan (edit) wingspan Aircraft Length