Monument (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (ja): モニュメント
Label (de): Denkmal
Label (fr): monument
Label (ur): یادگار
Label (ga): séadchomhartha
Label (en): monument
Label (nl): monument
Label (el): μνημείο
Comment (en): A type of structure (a statue or an art object) created to commemorate a person or important event, not necessarily of a catastrophic nature.
Comment (ur): ایک قسم کا ڈھانچہ (ایک مجسمہ یا آرٹ آبجیکٹ) کسی شخص یا اہم واقعہ کی یاد میں بنایا گیا ، ضروری نہیں کہ تباہ کن نوعیت کا ہو۔
Super classes: ArchitecturalStructure

Properties on Monument:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
architect (edit) architect ArchitecturalStructure Architect
architectualBureau (edit) architectual bureau ArchitecturalStructure Company
architecturalStyle (edit) architectural style ArchitecturalStructure owl:Thing
buildingEndYear (edit) building end year ArchitecturalStructure xsd:gYear
buildingStartYear (edit) building start year ArchitecturalStructure xsd:gYear
construction (edit) construction ArchitecturalStructure owl:Thing
constructionMaterial (edit) construction material ArchitecturalStructure owl:Thing Construction material (eg. concrete, steel, iron, stone, brick, wood).
currentlyUsedFor (edit) currently used for ArchitecturalStructure xsd:string Current use of the architectural structure, if it is currently being used as anything other than its original purpose.
dateUnveiled (edit) date unveiled Monument xsd:date Designates the unveiling date
demolitionDate (edit) demolition date ArchitecturalStructure xsd:date The date the building was demolished.
demolitionYear (edit) demolition year ArchitecturalStructure xsd:gYear The year the building was demolished.
features (edit) features ArchitecturalStructure Work
groupCommemorated (edit) group commemorated Monument xsd:string Designates the category of people commemorated by a monument
initiallyUsedFor (edit) initally used for ArchitecturalStructure xsd:string Initial use of the architectural structure.
maintainedBy (edit) maintained by ArchitecturalStructure owl:Thing
rebuildingDate (edit) rebuilding date ArchitecturalStructure xsd:date
rebuildingYear (edit) rebuilding year ArchitecturalStructure xsd:gYear
reopeningDate (edit) reopening date ArchitecturalStructure xsd:date Date of reopening the architectural structure.
reopeningYear (edit) reopening year ArchitecturalStructure xsd:gYear Year of reopening the architectural structure.
tenant (edit) tenant ArchitecturalStructure Organisation
visitorStatisticsAsOf (edit) visitor statistics as of ArchitecturalStructure xsd:gYear Year visitor information was gathered.
visitorsPerDay (edit) visitors per day ArchitecturalStructure xsd:nonNegativeInteger
visitorsPerYear (edit) visitors per year ArchitecturalStructure xsd:nonNegativeInteger
visitorsPercentageChange (edit) visitor percentage change ArchitecturalStructure xsd:double Percentage increase or decrease.
visitorsTotal (edit) visitors total ArchitecturalStructure xsd:nonNegativeInteger