ResearchProject (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (de): Forschungsprojekt
Label (el): ερευνητικό έργο
Label (fr): projet de recherche
Label (es): proyecto de investigación
Label (ga): tionscadal taighde
Label (nl): onderzoeksproject
Label (en): research project
Comment (en): A research project is a scientific investigation, usually using scientific methods, to achieve defined objectives.
Comment (el): Ένα ερευνητικό έργο είναι μια επιστημονική έρευνα, συνήθως με τη χρήση επιστημονικών μεθόδων, για την επίτευξη των καθορισμένων στόχων.
Super classes: Project

Properties on ResearchProject:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
fundedBy (edit) funded by ResearchProject Organisation A organisation financing the research project.
projectBudgetFunding (edit) project budget funding ResearchProject Currency The part of the project budget that is funded by the Organistaions given in the "FundedBy" property.
projectBudgetTotal (edit) project budget total ResearchProject Currency The total budget of the research project.
projectCoordinator (edit) project coordinator ResearchProject Organisation The coordinating organisation of the project.
projectEndDate (edit) project end date Project xsd:date The end date of the project.
projectKeyword (edit) project keyword Project xsd:string A key word of the project.
projectObjective (edit) project objective Project xsd:string A defined objective of the project.
projectParticipant (edit) project participant ResearchProject Organisation A participating organisation of the project.
projectReferenceID (edit) project reference ID ResearchProject xsd:string The reference identification of the project.
projectStartDate (edit) project start date Project xsd:date The start date of the project.
projectType (edit) project type ResearchProject xsd:string The type of the research project. Mostly used for the funding schemes of the European Union, for instance: Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREP), Network of Excellence (NoE) or Integrated Project.