Software (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (de): Software
Label (el): λογισμικό
Label (fr): logiciel
Label (ga): bogearraí
Label (sl): programska oprema
Label (da): software
Label (ko): 소프트웨어
Label (nl): software
Label (pt): logiciário
Label (ja): ソフトウェア
Label (en): software
Super classes: Work

Properties on Software:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
alternativeTitle (edit) alternative title Work rdf:langString The alternative title attributed to a work
aspectRatio (edit) Aspect Ratio Software owl:Thing
author (edit) author Work Person
basedOn (edit) based on Work Work
bibo:pages (edit) pages Work xsd:string Potentially non-contiguous page spans that locate a Document within a Collection. Example: 23-25, 34, 54-56, iii-iv. Applies to Work (eg WrittenWork, Document, etc)
chiefEditor (edit) chief editor Work Person
cites (edit) cites Work xsd:string A document cited by this work. Like OntologyProperty:dct:references, but as a datatype property.
commissioner (edit) commissioner Work xsd:string
completionDate (edit) completion date Work xsd:date
composer (edit) composer Work Person
computingInput (edit) Computing input Software owl:Thing
computingMedia (edit) Computing Media Software owl:Thing
computingPlatform (edit) computing platform Software owl:Thing some sort of hardware architecture or software framework, that allows this software to run
coverArtist (edit) cover artist Work Person Cover artist
dc:description (edit) description Work xsd:string
dc:publisher (edit) publisher Work xsd:string Publisher of a work. For literal (string) use dc:publisher; for object (URL) use publisher
dcc (edit) Dewey Decimal Classification Work xsd:string The Dewey Decimal Classification is a proprietary system of library classification developed by Melvil Dewey in 1876.
dct:references (edit) references Work owl:Thing
dct:source (edit) source Work owl:Thing
fileSize (edit) size Work InformationUnit size of a file or software
filename (edit) filename Work xsd:string
frequentlyUpdated (edit) frequently updated Software xsd:string
latestPreviewDate (edit) latest preview date Software xsd:date
latestPreviewVersion (edit) latest preview version Software xsd:string
latestReleaseDate (edit) latest release date Software xsd:date
latestReleaseVersion (edit) latest release version Software xsd:string
license (edit) license Work owl:Thing
mainCharacter (edit) main character Work Person
musicComposer (edit) music composer Work MusicalArtist
narrator (edit) narrator Work Person
operatingSystem (edit) operating system Software owl:Thing
originalLanguage (edit) original language Work Language The original language of the work.
originalTitle (edit) original title Work rdf:langString The original title of the work, most of the time in the original language as well
previousWork (edit) previous work Work Work
producer (edit) producer Work Agent The producer of the creative work.
productionCompany (edit) production company Work Company the company that produced the work e.g. Film, MusicalWork, Software
programmingLanguage (edit) programming language Software owl:Thing
publisher (edit) publisher Work Agent Publisher of a work. For literal (string) use dc:publisher; for object (URL) use publisher
releaseLocation (edit) release location Work Place Usually used with releaseDate, particularly for Films. Often there can be several pairs so our modeling is not precise here...
resolution (edit) resolution Software owl:Thing Native Resolution
runtime (edit) runtime Work Time
skos:notation (edit) notation Work xsd:string
starring (edit) starring Work Actor
subjectTerm (edit) subject term Work xsd:string The subject as a term, possibly a term from a formal classification
subsequentWork (edit) subsequent work Work Work
translator (edit) translator Work Person Translator(s), if original not in English
writer (edit) writer Work Person