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This is the definition of an ontology property.

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Ontology object property (help)
rdfs:label (en)element above
rdfs:label (fr)élément supérieur
rdfs:label (ru)элемент снизу
rdfs:label (nl)hoger element
rdfs:comment (en)element placed above current element in D.I.Mendeleev's table
rdfs:comment (fr)élément placé au-dessus de l'élément courant dans le tableau périodique des éléments de D.I.Mendeleev
rdfs:comment (ru)Элемент снизу под текущим элементом в таблице Д.И.Менделеева
rdfs:domain owl:Thing
rdfs:range ChemicalSubstance
rdfs:subPropertyOf dul:sameSettingAs