MilitaryAircraft (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (en): military aircraft
Label (fr): avion militaire
Label (nl): legervliegtuig
Label (de): Militärmaschine
Super classes: Aircraft

Properties on MilitaryAircraft:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
aircraftType (edit) aircraft type Aircraft xsd:string
aircraftUser (edit) aircraft user Aircraft Organisation
ceiling (edit) ceiling Aircraft xsd:positiveInteger Maximum distance to the earth surface, to be expressed in kilometers
gun (edit) aircraft gun Aircraft xsd:string
numberBuilt (edit) number built Aircraft xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfBombs (edit) number of bombs MilitaryAircraft xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfRockets (edit) number of rockets MilitaryAircraft xsd:nonNegativeInteger
productionYears (edit) production years Aircraft xsd:date
programCost (edit) program cost Aircraft Currency
unitCost (edit) unit cost Aircraft Currency
wingArea (edit) wing area Aircraft Area
wingspan (edit) wingspan Aircraft Length