MilitaryUnit (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (el): Στρατιωτική Μονάδα
Label (pt): unidade militar
Label (fr): unité militaire
Label (de): Militäreinheit
Label (es): unidad militar
Label (en): military unit
Label (ko): 군대
Label (nl): militaire eenheid
Super classes: Organisation

Properties on MilitaryUnit:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
administrator (edit) administrator Organisation Person
aircraftAttack (edit) aircraft attack MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftBomber (edit) aircraft bomber MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftElectronic (edit) aircraft electronic MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftFighter (edit) aircraft fighter MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftHelicopter (edit) aircraft helicopter MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftHelicopterAttack (edit) aircraft helicopter attack MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftHelicopterCargo (edit) aircraft helicopter cargo MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftHelicopterMultirole (edit) aircraft helicopter multirole MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftHelicopterObservation (edit) aircraft helicopter observation MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftHelicopterTransport (edit) aircraft helicopter transport MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftHelicopterUtility (edit) aircraft helicopter utility MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftInterceptor (edit) aircraft interceptor MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftPatrol (edit) aircraft patrol MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftRecon (edit) aircraft recon MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftTrainer (edit) aircraft trainer MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
aircraftTransport (edit) aircraft transport MilitaryUnit MeanOfTransportation
anniversary (edit) anniversary MilitaryUnit xsd:date
battleHonours (edit) battle honours MilitaryUnit xsd:string
ceo (edit) chief executive officer Organisation Person
chairperson (edit) chairperson Organisation Person
chaplain (edit) chaplain Organisation Person
childOrganisation (edit) child organisation Organisation Organisation
commandStructure (edit) command structure MilitaryUnit MilitaryUnit
disbanded (edit) disbanded MilitaryUnit xsd:date
endowment (edit) endowment Organisation Currency
flyingHours (edit) flying hours MilitaryUnit Time
formationDate (edit) formation date Organisation xsd:date
formationYear (edit) formation year Organisation xsd:gYear
foundationPlace (edit) foundation place Organisation City
fourthCommander (edit) fourth commander MilitaryUnit Person
garrison (edit) garrison MilitaryUnit PopulatedPlace
headquarter (edit) headquarter Organisation PopulatedPlace
identificationSymbol (edit) identification symbol MilitaryUnit xsd:string
leaderFunction (edit) leaderFunction Organisation PersonFunction
legalForm (edit) legal form Organisation owl:Thing There are many types of business entity defined in the legal systems of various countries. These include corporations, cooperatives, partnerships, sole traders, limited liability company and other specialized types of organization.
locationCity (edit) location city Organisation City City the thing is located.
mainOrgan (edit) main organ Organisation owl:Thing
march (edit) march MilitaryUnit MusicalWork
membership (edit) membership Organisation rdf:langString
mergedWith (edit) merged with Organisation Organisation
notableCommander (edit) notable commander MilitaryUnit Person
numberOfEmployees (edit) number of employees Organisation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfLocations (edit) number of locations Organisation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfStaff (edit) number of staff Organisation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfVolunteers (edit) number of volunteers Organisation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
organisationMember (edit) organisation member Organisation OrganisationMember Identify the members of an organisation.
parentOrganisation (edit) parent organisation Organisation Organisation
patron (edit) patron MilitaryUnit Person
product (edit) product Organisation owl:Thing
ranking (edit) ranking Organisation xsd:positiveInteger
regionServed (edit) region served Organisation Place
revenue (edit) revenue Organisation Currency
secondCommander (edit) second commander MilitaryUnit Person
secretaryGeneral (edit) secretary Organisation Person
service (edit) service Organisation owl:Thing
staff (edit) staff Organisation xsd:nonNegativeInteger
superintendent (edit) superintendent Organisation Person
thirdCommander (edit) third commander MilitaryUnit Person
trustee (edit) trustee Organisation Person