PopulatedPlace (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (nl): bebouwde omgeving
Label (el): πυκνοκατοικημένη περιοχή
Label (ur): آبادی والی جگہ
Label (fr): lieu habité
Label (da): befolket sted
Label (ar): تجمع سكاني
Label (en): populated place
Label (de): bewohnter Ort
Comment (en): As defined by the United States Geological Survey, a populated place is a place or area with clustered or scattered buildings and a permanent human population (city, settlement, town, or village) referenced with geographic coordinates (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Populated_place).
Comment (fr): Selon la définition du United States Geological Survey, un lieu peuplé est un lieu ou une zone avec des bâtiments regroupés ou dispersés et une population humaine permanente (agglomération, colonie, ville ou village) référencée par des coordonnées géographiques (http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Populated_place).
Comment (ur): جیسا کہ امریکہ نے بیان کیا ہے۔ ارضیاتی سروے ، ایک آبادی والی جگہ وہ جگہ یا علاقہ ہے جہاں گروہ یا بکھرے ہوئے عمارتیں اور مستقل انسانی آبادی (شہر ، بستی ، قصبہ یا گاؤں) ہو۔
Comment (el): Πυκνοκατοικημένη περιοχή, είναι η περιοχή ή το μέρος με μεγάλο αριθμό κτιρίων και μεγάλο μόνιμο πληθυσμό, σε σύγκριση με την γεωγραφική περιοχή που καταλαμβάνει (μεγαλούπολη, πόλη ή χωριό).
Super classes: Place

Properties on PopulatedPlace:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
address (edit) address Place rdf:langString Address of something as literal. Usually Building, but we also use it for the address of a Region's or Settlement's government
administrativeHeadCity (edit) head city PopulatedPlace City city where stand the administrative power
agglomeration (edit) agglomeration PopulatedPlace Agglomeration
agglomerationArea (edit) agglomeration area PopulatedPlace Area
agglomerationDemographics (edit) agglomeration demographics PopulatedPlace Demographics
altitude (edit) altitude Place Altitude
annualTemperature (edit) annual temperature Place Temperature
apskritis (edit) apskritis PopulatedPlace xsd:string
areaCode (edit) area code Place xsd:string Area code for telephone numbers. Use this not phonePrefix
areaDate (edit) area date Place xsd:date
areaLand (edit) area land Place Area
areaOfCatchmentQuote (edit) area of catchment quote Place xsd:string
areaQuote (edit) area quote Place xsd:string
areaRank (edit) area rank Place xsd:string
areaRural (edit) area rural PopulatedPlace Area
areaTotal (edit) area total Place Area
areaTotalRanking (edit) total area ranking PopulatedPlace xsd:positiveInteger
areaUrban (edit) area urban PopulatedPlace Area
areaWater (edit) area water Place Area
arrondissement (edit) arrondissement PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
artificialSnowArea (edit) artificial snow area Place xsd:float
authorityMandate (edit) authority mandate Place xsd:string
averageDepth (edit) average depth Place Length Source of the value can be declare by .
averageDepthQuote (edit) average depth quote Place xsd:string Source of the value.
avifaunaPopulation (edit) avifauna population Place xsd:string
barangays (edit) barangays PopulatedPlace xsd:string
biggestCity (edit) biggest city Place PopulatedPlace
bioclimate (edit) bioclimate Place xsd:string
bird (edit) bird Place Species Birds are uniformly vertebrate animals, the vast majority of which can fly with their wings.
blackLongDistancePisteNumber (edit) long distance piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
blackSkiPisteNumber (edit) black ski piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
blueLongDistancePisteNumber (edit) blue long distance piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
blueSkiPisteNumber (edit) blue ski piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
borough (edit) borough PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
budgetYear (edit) budget year Place xsd:string
cableCar (edit) cable car Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
cannonNumber (edit) cannon number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
capital (edit) capital PopulatedPlace City
capitalCoordinates (edit) capital coordinates Place xsd:string
catholicPercentage (edit) catholic percentage PopulatedPlace xsd:string
ccaState (edit) cca state PopulatedPlace xsd:string
censusYear (edit) census year PopulatedPlace xsd:gYear
ceremonialCounty (edit) Ceremonial County PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
circle (edit) region PopulatedPlace xsd:string
cityLink (edit) city link Place xsd:string
citySince (edit) city since PopulatedPlace xsd:string
cityType (edit) city type PopulatedPlace xsd:string
climate (edit) climate Place owl:Thing
climbUpNumber (edit) clip up number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
closeTo (edit) is close to Place Place place close to another place
coastLength (edit) length of a coast Place xsd:float
codeMunicipalMonument (edit) monument code (municipal) Place xsd:string Code assigned to (Dutch) monuments at the municipal level, deemed to be of local value
codeNationalMonument (edit) monument code (national) Place xsd:string Code assigned to (Dutch) monuments at the national level, deemed to be of national value
codeProvincialMonument (edit) monument code (provinciall) Place xsd:string Code assigned to (Dutch) monuments at the provincial level, mostly for monuments in the countryside, or for waterworks
colonialName (edit) colonial name PopulatedPlace xsd:string
commissionerDate (edit) commissioner date PopulatedPlace xsd:string
communityIsoCode (edit) iso code of a community PopulatedPlace xsd:string
councilArea (edit) Council area PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
countryCode (edit) country code Place xsd:string Country code for telephone numbers.
countySeat (edit) county seat PopulatedPlace owl:Thing
currencyCode (edit) currency code Place xsd:string ISO 4217 currency designators.
dateAgreement (edit) date of an agreement Place xsd:date
daylightSavingTimeZone (edit) daylight saving time zone Place owl:Thing
delegateMayor (edit) delegate mayor PopulatedPlace Person
delegation (edit) delegation PopulatedPlace xsd:string
deme (edit) deme PopulatedPlace xsd:string
demographics (edit) demographics PopulatedPlace Demographics
demographicsAsOf (edit) demographics as of PopulatedPlace xsd:date
department (edit) department PopulatedPlace Department
departmentPosition (edit) geolocDepartment PopulatedPlace xsd:string
depth (edit) depth Place Length Is a measure of the distance between a reference height and a point underneath. The exact meaning for a place is unclear. If possible, use or to be unambiguous.
depthQuote (edit) depth quote Place xsd:string
depths (edit) depths Place Depth
disappearanceDate (edit) date disappearance of a populated place PopulatedPlace xsd:date
district (edit) district Place PopulatedPlace
eastPlace (edit) east place Place Place indicates another place situated east.
ekatteCode (edit) EKATTE code PopulatedPlace xsd:string Indexing code used by the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute to identify populated places
elevation (edit) elevation Place Length average elevation above the sea level
elevationQuote (edit) elevation quote Place xsd:string
emblem (edit) emblem PopulatedPlace xsd:string A symbolic object used as a distinctive badge of a nation, organization, or family.
endPoint (edit) end point Place Place
endangeredSince (edit) endangered since Place xsd:date
ethnicGroup (edit) ethnic group PopulatedPlace EthnicGroup
eventDate (edit) event date Place xsd:date
fauna (edit) fauna Place xsd:string
fipsCode (edit) fips code PopulatedPlace xsd:string
firstMention (edit) first mention PopulatedPlace xsd:string
flora (edit) flora Place xsd:string
flower (edit) flower Place Species
foresterDistrict (edit) foresterDistrict Place owl:Thing
foundation (edit) foundation PopulatedPlace xsd:string
frontierLength (edit) length of a frontier Place xsd:float
gdpPerCapita (edit) gross domestic product (GDP) per capita PopulatedPlace xsd:float The nominal gross domestic product of a country per capita.
geolocDual (edit) geolocdual Place xsd:string
geologicPeriod (edit) geologic period Place xsd:string
giniCoefficient (edit) gini coefficient PopulatedPlace xsd:float is a measure of the inequality of a distribution. It is commonly used as a measure of inequality of income or wealth.
giniCoefficientAsOf (edit) gini coefficient as of PopulatedPlace xsd:date
giniCoefficientCategory (edit) gini coefficient category PopulatedPlace owl:Thing
giniCoefficientRanking (edit) gini coefficient ranking PopulatedPlace xsd:positiveInteger
gnisCode (edit) gnis code PopulatedPlace xsd:string
gnl (edit) gnl PopulatedPlace xsd:string
governingBody (edit) governing body Place Organisation Body that owns/operates the Place.
governorate (edit) governorate PopulatedPlace xsd:string
greenLongDistancePisteNumber (edit) green long distance piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
greenSkiPisteNumber (edit) green ski piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
gridReference (edit) grid reference Place xsd:string
grossDomesticProduct (edit) gross domestic product (GDP) PopulatedPlace xsd:float The nominal gross domestic product of a country (not per capita).
grossDomesticProductAsOf (edit) gross domestic product as of PopulatedPlace xsd:date
grossDomesticProductNominalPerCapita (edit) gross domestic product nominal per capita PopulatedPlace GrossDomesticProductPerCapita
grossDomesticProductPerPeople (edit) gross domestic product per people Place xsd:string
grossDomesticProductPurchasingPowerParityPerCapita (edit) gross domestic product purchasing power parity per capita PopulatedPlace GrossDomesticProductPerCapita
grossDomesticProductRank (edit) gross domestic product rank Place xsd:string
hasInsidePlace (edit) has inside place Place Place indicates another place situated inside.
hasOutsidePlace (edit) has outside place Place Place indicates another place situated around outside.
heritageRegister (edit) heritage register Place owl:Thing registered in a heritage register : inventory of cultural properties, natural and man-made, tangible and intangible, movable and immovable, that are deemed to be of sufficient heritage value to be separately identified and recorded.
highestAltitude (edit) highest altitude Place Altitude
historicalMap (edit) historical map Place xsd:string
historicalName (edit) historical name Place rdf:langString
historicalRegion (edit) historical region PopulatedPlace xsd:string
hraState (edit) hra state PopulatedPlace xsd:string
humanDevelopmentIndex (edit) Human Development Index (HDI) PopulatedPlace xsd:float a composite statistic used to rank countries by level of "human development"
humanDevelopmentIndexAsOf (edit) human development index as of PopulatedPlace xsd:date
humanDevelopmentIndexRank (edit) human development index rank Place xsd:string
humanDevelopmentIndexRankingCategory (edit) human development index (HDI) category PopulatedPlace owl:Thing
illiteracy (edit) illiteracy PopulatedPlace xsd:float
income (edit) income PopulatedPlace xsd:string
infantMortality (edit) infant mortality PopulatedPlace xsd:float
information (edit) information Place xsd:string
informationName (edit) information name Place xsd:string
internationalPhonePrefix (edit) international phone prefix PopulatedPlace xsd:string
internationalPhonePrefixLabel (edit) international phone prefix label PopulatedPlace xsd:string
isRouteStop (edit) is route stop Place RouteStop indicate a place is a stop on a road.
iso31661Code (edit) ISO 3166-1 code Place xsd:string defines codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest
isoCode (edit) iso code of a place Place xsd:string
ist (edit) ist PopulatedPlace xsd:string
istat (edit) code istat PopulatedPlace xsd:string Indexing code used for Italian municipalities
kindOfCoordinate (edit) kind of coordinate Place xsd:string
kindOfRock (edit) kind of rock Place xsd:string
lake (edit) vastest lake Place BodyOfWater
land (edit) land Place Place
landArea (edit) area of a land Place Area
landPercentage (edit) land percentage of a place Place xsd:float
largestCity (edit) largest city PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
largestSettlement (edit) largest settlement PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
latestElection (edit) date of latest election PopulatedPlace xsd:date
lawCountry (edit) law country Place xsd:string
leaderName (edit) leader name PopulatedPlace Person
leaderParty (edit) leader party PopulatedPlace owl:Thing
leaderTitle (edit) leader title PopulatedPlace rdf:langString
legislature (edit) legislature PopulatedPlace Legislature
lengthQuote (edit) length quote Place xsd:string
licenceNumber (edit) licence number PopulatedPlace xsd:string
licenceNumberLabel (edit) licence number label PopulatedPlace xsd:string
lieutenancy (edit) lieutenancy PopulatedPlace xsd:string
lieutenancyArea (edit) Lieutenancy area PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
lifeExpectancy (edit) life expectancy PopulatedPlace xsd:string
limit (edit) limit Place xsd:string
linkedSpace (edit) linked space Place xsd:string
localPhonePrefix (edit) local phone prefix PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
localizationThumbnail (edit) thumbnail localization PopulatedPlace owl:Thing
localizationThumbnailCaption (edit) legend thumbnail localization PopulatedPlace xsd:string
locatedInArea (edit) located in area Place Place
longDistancePisteKilometre (edit) long distance piste kilometre Place Length
longDistancePisteNumber (edit) long distance piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
lowest (edit) lowest Place xsd:string
lowestAltitude (edit) lowest altitude Place Altitude
lowestMountain (edit) lowest mountain Place Mountain
lowestPlace (edit) lowest place Place PopulatedPlace
lowestPosition (edit) lowest position Place geo:SpatialThing
mainIsland (edit) main island Place Place
map (edit) map Place owl:Thing A map of the place.
mapCaption (edit) map caption Place xsd:string
mapDescription (edit) map description Place xsd:string
maximumArea (edit) maximum area Place xsd:string
maximumAreaQuote (edit) maximum area quote Place xsd:string
maximumDepth (edit) maximum depth Place Length Source of the value can be declare by .
maximumDepthQuote (edit) maximum depth quote Place xsd:string Source of the value.
maximumElevation (edit) maximum elevation Place Length maximum elevation above the sea level
mayorArticle (edit) mayor article Place xsd:string
mergerDate (edit) merger date Place xsd:date
metropolitanBorough (edit) metropolitan borough PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
minimumArea (edit) minimum area Place xsd:string
minimumAreaQuote (edit) minimum area quote Place xsd:string
minimumElevation (edit) minimum elevation Place Length minimum elevation above the sea level
municipalityCode (edit) municipality code Place xsd:string
namedByLanguage (edit) named by language Place Place
nation (edit) nation PopulatedPlace xsd:string
nationalTopographicSystemMapNumber (edit) National Topographic System map number Place xsd:string
nearestCity (edit) nearest city Place PopulatedPlace
neighboringMunicipality (edit) neighboring municipality PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
neighbourRegion (edit) neighbour region Place xsd:string
nextEntity (edit) next entity Place Place
nisCode (edit) NIS code PopulatedPlace xsd:string Indexing code used by the Belgium National Statistical Institute to identify populated places.
northEastPlace (edit) north-east place Place Place indicates another place situated north-east.
northPlace (edit) north place Place Place indicates another place situated north.
northWestPlace (edit) north-west place Place Place indicates another place situated north-west.
numberOfCantons (edit) Number Of Cantons PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfCapitalDeputies (edit) Number Of Capital Deputies PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfCounties (edit) number of counties PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfFederalDeputies (edit) Number Of Federal Deputies PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfIsland (edit) number of islands Place xsd:string
numberOfMunicipalities (edit) Number Of Municipalities PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfPersonBornInPlace (edit) number of entities of Person class born in the place Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfSoccerPlayersBornInPlace (edit) number of SoccerPlayers born in Place Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfStateDeputies (edit) Number Of State Deputies PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
nutsCode (edit) NUTS code Place xsd:string Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) is a geocode standard for referencing the subdivisions of countries for statistical purposes. The standard is developed and regulated by the European Union, and thus only covers the member states of the EU in detail.
officialLanguage (edit) official language PopulatedPlace Language
okatoCode (edit) okato code PopulatedPlace xsd:string Code used to indentify populated places in Russia
oldDistrict (edit) old district PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
oldName (edit) old name PopulatedPlace xsd:string
oldProvince (edit) old province PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
otherName (edit) other name PopulatedPlace rdf:langString
output (edit) output Place xsd:float
outskirts (edit) outskirts PopulatedPlace xsd:string
parish (edit) parish PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
parliamentType (edit) parliament type Place xsd:string
peopleName (edit) peopleName PopulatedPlace rdf:langString Name for the people inhabiting a place, eg Ankara->Ankariotes, Bulgaria->Bulgarians
perCapitaIncome (edit) per capita income PopulatedPlace Currency
perCapitaIncomeAsOf (edit) per capita income as of PopulatedPlace xsd:date
perCapitaIncomeRank (edit) per capital income rank PopulatedPlace xsd:string
percentageLiteracyMen (edit) percentage of a place's male population that is literate, degree of analphabetism PopulatedPlace xsd:float
percentageLiteracyWomen (edit) percentage of a place's female population that is literate, degree of analphabetism PopulatedPlace xsd:float
percentageLiterate (edit) percentage of a place's population that is literate, degree of analphabetism PopulatedPlace xsd:float
perimeter (edit) perimeter Place Length
phonePrefix (edit) phone prefix PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger Don't use this, use areaCode
pisciculturalPopulation (edit) piscicultural population Place xsd:string
plant (edit) plant Place Plant
pluviometry (edit) pluviometry PopulatedPlace xsd:string
policeName (edit) police name PopulatedPlace xsd:string The police detachment serving a UK place, eg Wakefield -> "West Yorkshire Police"
politicGovernmentDepartment (edit) politic government department PopulatedPlace owl:Thing
politicalLeader (edit) political leader Place PersonFunction
population (edit) population PopulatedPlace Population all the inhabitants of a particular place; ex: 14200
populationAsOf (edit) population as of PopulatedPlace xsd:date
populationDensity (edit) population density PopulatedPlace PopulationDensity
populationMetro (edit) population metro PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationMetroDensity (edit) population metro density PopulatedPlace PopulationDensity
populationPctChildren (edit) population percentage under 12 years PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationPctMen (edit) population percentage male PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationPctWomen (edit) population percentage female PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationQuote (edit) population quote Place xsd:string
populationRural (edit) population rural PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationRuralDensity (edit) population density rural PopulatedPlace PopulationDensity
populationTotalRanking (edit) total population ranking PopulatedPlace xsd:positiveInteger
populationUrban (edit) population urban PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationUrbanDensity (edit) population urban density PopulatedPlace PopulationDensity
populationYear (edit) population year PopulatedPlace xsd:string
presidentGeneralCouncilMandate (edit) mandate of the president of the general council Place xsd:string
presidentRegionalCouncilMandate (edit) mandate of the president council of the regional council Place xsd:string
previousDemographics (edit) previous demographics PopulatedPlace Demographics
previousEntity (edit) previous entity Place Place
previousName (edit) previous name PopulatedPlace xsd:string
previousPopulation (edit) previous population PopulatedPlace Population
previousPopulationTotal (edit) previous population total PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
principalArea (edit) principal area PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
protectionStatus (edit) monument protection status Place xsd:string The sort of status that is granted to a protected Building or Monument. This is not about being protected or not, this is about the nature of the protection regime. E.g., in the Netherlands the protection status 'rijksmonument' points to more elaborate protection than other statuses.
protestantPercentage (edit) protestant percentage PopulatedPlace xsd:string
province (edit) province Place Province
provinceIsoCode (edit) iso code of a province PopulatedPlace xsd:string
provinceLink (edit) province link Place Province
purchasingPowerParity (edit) purchasing power parity PopulatedPlace xsd:string
purchasingPowerParityRank (edit) purchasing power parity rank PopulatedPlace xsd:string
purchasingPowerParityYear (edit) purchasing power parity year PopulatedPlace xsd:string
quote (edit) quote Place xsd:string
rankAgreement (edit) rank of an agreement Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
rankArea (edit) rank of an area PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
rankPopulation (edit) rank of a population PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
redLongDistancePisteNumber (edit) red long distance piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
redSkiPisteNumber (edit) red ski piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
refcul (edit) reference for cultural data Place xsd:string
refgen (edit) reference for general data Place xsd:string
refgeo (edit) reference for geographic data Place xsd:string
refpol (edit) reference for politic data Place xsd:string
regency (edit) regency Place PopulatedPlace
regionLink (edit) region link Place xsd:string
regionType (edit) region type Place xsd:string
regionalLanguage (edit) regional language PopulatedPlace Language
regionalPrefecture (edit) regional prefecture Place xsd:string
relatedPlaces (edit) related places Place List This property is to accommodate the list field that contains a list of, e.g., monuments in the same town
relief (edit) relief Place xsd:string
representative (edit) number of representatives Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
retentionTime (edit) relation time Place xsd:string
river (edit) river Place River
route (edit) route Place xsd:string
saint (edit) saint PopulatedPlace Saint
scale (edit) scale Place xsd:string
sea (edit) sea Place Sea
senior (edit) senior PopulatedPlace xsd:string
seniunija (edit) seniunija PopulatedPlace xsd:string
settlement (edit) settlement Place PopulatedPlace
sharingOutPopulation (edit) sharing out population PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
sharingOutPopulationYear (edit) sharing out year PopulatedPlace xsd:string
sheading (edit) sheading PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
simcCode (edit) SIMC code PopulatedPlace owl:Thing Should be a datatype property
skiLift (edit) ski lift Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
skiPisteKilometre (edit) ski piste kilometre Place Length
skiPisteNumber (edit) ski piste number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
skiTow (edit) ski tow Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
snowParkNumber (edit) snow park number Place xsd:nonNegativeInteger
southEastPlace (edit) south-east place Place Place indicates another place situated south-east.
southPlace (edit) south place Place Place indicates another place situated south.
southWestPlace (edit) south-west place Place Place indicates another place situated south-west.
sovereignCountry (edit) sovereign country Place PopulatedPlace
startPoint (edit) start point Place Place
statusYear (edit) status year Place xsd:string
subPrefecture (edit) subprefecture Place xsd:string
subdivisionLink (edit) subdivision link Place xsd:string
subregion (edit) subregion Place Place
subsystem (edit) subsystem Place xsd:string
subsystemLink (edit) subsystem link Place xsd:string
supply (edit) supply Place Place
termOfOffice (edit) term of office PopulatedPlace xsd:string
terytCode (edit) TERYT code PopulatedPlace owl:Thing indexing code used by the Polish National Official Register of the Territorial Division of the Country (TERYT) to identify various entities
timeZone (edit) time zone Place owl:Thing
topic (edit) topic PopulatedPlace xsd:string
touristicSite (edit) touristic site PopulatedPlace Place
tree (edit) tree Place Species
typeCoordinate (edit) type coordinate Place xsd:string Scale parameters that can be understood by Geohack, eg "type:", "scale:", "region:" "altitude:". Use "_" for several (eg "type:landmark_scale:50000"). See https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modèle:Infobox_Subdivision_administrative for examples, and https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modèle:GeoTemplate/Utilisation#La_mention_Type:... for a complete list
unesco (edit) unesco Place PopulatedPlace
unitaryAuthority (edit) unitary authority PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
unloCode (edit) UN/LOCODE Place xsd:string UN/LOCODE, the United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations, is a geographic coding scheme developed and maintained by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), a unit of the United Nations. UN/LOCODE assigns codes to locations used in trade and transport with functions such as seaports, rail and road terminals, airports, post offices and border crossing points.
utcOffset (edit) UTC offset Place xsd:string
vehicleCode (edit) vehicle code Place xsd:string Region related vehicle code on the vehicle plates.
viceLeader (edit) vice leader PopulatedPlace Person
viceLeaderParty (edit) vice leader party PopulatedPlace PoliticalParty
volumeQuote (edit) volume quote Place xsd:string
water (edit) water Place xsd:string
waterArea (edit) area of water Place Area
waterPercentage (edit) water percentage of a place Place xsd:float
watercourse (edit) watercourse PopulatedPlace xsd:string
westPlace (edit) west place Place Place indicates another place situated west.
wholeArea (edit) whole area Place Area
widthQuote (edit) width quote Place xsd:string
yearOfConstruction (edit) year of construction Place xsd:gYear The year in which construction of the Place was finished.
zipCode (edit) zip code PopulatedPlace xsd:string