Settlement (Show in class hierarchy)

Label (nl): nederzetting
Label (el): οικισμός
Label (ur): بستی
Label (ga): bardas
Label (fr): zone peuplée
Label (en): settlement
Label (ja): 居住地
Label (de): Siedlung
Super classes: PopulatedPlace

Properties on Settlement:
Name Label Domain Range Comment
adjacentSettlement (edit) adjacent settlement of a switzerland settlement Settlement Settlement
administrativeCollectivity (edit) administrative collectivity Settlement PopulatedPlace
administrativeDistrict (edit) administrative district Settlement PopulatedPlace
administrativeHeadCity (edit) head city PopulatedPlace City city where stand the administrative power
agglomeration (edit) agglomeration PopulatedPlace Agglomeration
agglomerationArea (edit) agglomeration area PopulatedPlace Area
agglomerationDemographics (edit) agglomeration demographics PopulatedPlace Demographics
agglomerationPopulation (edit) agglomeration population Settlement Population
agglomerationPopulationYear (edit) agglomerationPopulationYear Settlement xsd:string
apskritis (edit) apskritis PopulatedPlace xsd:string
areaRural (edit) area rural PopulatedPlace Area
areaTotalRanking (edit) total area ranking PopulatedPlace xsd:positiveInteger
areaUrban (edit) area urban PopulatedPlace Area
arrondissement (edit) arrondissement PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
associationOfLocalGovernment (edit) association of local government Settlement PopulatedPlace
barangays (edit) barangays PopulatedPlace xsd:string
borough (edit) borough PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
bourgmestre (edit) bourgmestre Settlement Person
canton (edit) canton Settlement Settlement
capital (edit) capital PopulatedPlace City
catholicPercentage (edit) catholic percentage PopulatedPlace xsd:string
ccaState (edit) cca state PopulatedPlace xsd:string
censusYear (edit) census year PopulatedPlace xsd:gYear
ceremonialCounty (edit) Ceremonial County PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
circle (edit) region PopulatedPlace xsd:string
citySince (edit) city since PopulatedPlace xsd:string
cityType (edit) city type PopulatedPlace xsd:string
coastLine (edit) coast line Settlement Length
codeSettlement (edit) settlement code Settlement xsd:string
collectivityMinority (edit) collectivity minority Settlement owl:Thing
colonialName (edit) colonial name PopulatedPlace xsd:string
commissionerDate (edit) commissioner date PopulatedPlace xsd:string
commune (edit) commune Settlement Settlement
communityIsoCode (edit) iso code of a community PopulatedPlace xsd:string
councilArea (edit) Council area PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
countySeat (edit) county seat PopulatedPlace owl:Thing
daira (edit) daira Settlement Place
day (edit) day Settlement xsd:date
delegateMayor (edit) delegate mayor PopulatedPlace Person
delegation (edit) delegation PopulatedPlace xsd:string
deme (edit) deme PopulatedPlace xsd:string
demographics (edit) demographics PopulatedPlace Demographics
demographicsAsOf (edit) demographics as of PopulatedPlace xsd:date
department (edit) department PopulatedPlace Department
departmentPosition (edit) geolocDepartment PopulatedPlace xsd:string
disappearanceDate (edit) date disappearance of a populated place PopulatedPlace xsd:date
distanceToBelfast (edit) distance to Belfast Settlement Length
distanceToCapital (edit) distance to capital Settlement Length
distanceToCardiff (edit) distance to Cardiff Settlement Length
distanceToCharingCross (edit) distance to Charing Cross Settlement Length
distanceToDouglas (edit) distance to Douglas Settlement Length
distanceToDublin (edit) distance to Dublin Settlement Length
distanceToEdinburgh (edit) distance to Edinburgh Settlement Length
distanceToLondon (edit) distance to London Settlement Length
distanceToNearestCity (edit) distance to nearest city Settlement Length
ekatteCode (edit) EKATTE code PopulatedPlace xsd:string Indexing code used by the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute to identify populated places
emblem (edit) emblem PopulatedPlace xsd:string A symbolic object used as a distinctive badge of a nation, organization, or family.
employersCelebration (edit) employer's celebration Settlement xsd:string
ethnicGroup (edit) ethnic group PopulatedPlace EthnicGroup
federalState (edit) federal state Settlement PopulatedPlace
fipsCode (edit) fips code PopulatedPlace xsd:string
firstMention (edit) first mention PopulatedPlace xsd:string
foundation (edit) foundation PopulatedPlace xsd:string
frazioni (edit) frazioni Settlement PopulatedPlace
gdpPerCapita (edit) gross domestic product (GDP) per capita PopulatedPlace xsd:float The nominal gross domestic product of a country per capita.
geolocDepartment (edit) geolocDepartment Settlement PopulatedPlace
giniCoefficient (edit) gini coefficient PopulatedPlace xsd:float is a measure of the inequality of a distribution. It is commonly used as a measure of inequality of income or wealth.
giniCoefficientAsOf (edit) gini coefficient as of PopulatedPlace xsd:date
giniCoefficientCategory (edit) gini coefficient category PopulatedPlace owl:Thing
giniCoefficientRanking (edit) gini coefficient ranking PopulatedPlace xsd:positiveInteger
gnisCode (edit) gnis code PopulatedPlace xsd:string
gnl (edit) gnl PopulatedPlace xsd:string
governorate (edit) governorate PopulatedPlace xsd:string
grossDomesticProduct (edit) gross domestic product (GDP) PopulatedPlace xsd:float The nominal gross domestic product of a country (not per capita).
grossDomesticProductAsOf (edit) gross domestic product as of PopulatedPlace xsd:date
grossDomesticProductNominalPerCapita (edit) gross domestic product nominal per capita PopulatedPlace GrossDomesticProductPerCapita
grossDomesticProductPurchasingPowerParityPerCapita (edit) gross domestic product purchasing power parity per capita PopulatedPlace GrossDomesticProductPerCapita
highestPoint (edit) highest point Settlement Place
historicalRegion (edit) historical region PopulatedPlace xsd:string
hraState (edit) hra state PopulatedPlace xsd:string
humanDevelopmentIndex (edit) Human Development Index (HDI) PopulatedPlace xsd:float a composite statistic used to rank countries by level of "human development"
humanDevelopmentIndexAsOf (edit) human development index as of PopulatedPlace xsd:date
humanDevelopmentIndexRankingCategory (edit) human development index (HDI) category PopulatedPlace owl:Thing
illiteracy (edit) illiteracy PopulatedPlace xsd:float
income (edit) income PopulatedPlace xsd:string
infantMortality (edit) infant mortality PopulatedPlace xsd:float
inseeCode (edit) INSEE code Settlement xsd:string numerical indexing code used by the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) to identify various entities
internationalPhonePrefix (edit) international phone prefix PopulatedPlace xsd:string
internationalPhonePrefixLabel (edit) international phone prefix label PopulatedPlace xsd:string
isCityState (edit) is a city state Settlement xsd:string
isoCodeRegion (edit) ISO region code Settlement xsd:string
ist (edit) ist PopulatedPlace xsd:string
istat (edit) code istat PopulatedPlace xsd:string Indexing code used for Italian municipalities
jointCommunity (edit) joint community Settlement PopulatedPlace
landRegistryCode (edit) land registry code Settlement xsd:string
largestCity (edit) largest city PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
largestMetro (edit) largest metro Settlement PopulatedPlace
largestSettlement (edit) largest settlement PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
latestElection (edit) date of latest election PopulatedPlace xsd:date
leaderName (edit) leader name PopulatedPlace Person
leaderParty (edit) leader party PopulatedPlace owl:Thing
leaderTitle (edit) leader title PopulatedPlace rdf:langString
legislature (edit) legislature PopulatedPlace Legislature
licenceNumber (edit) licence number PopulatedPlace xsd:string
licenceNumberLabel (edit) licence number label PopulatedPlace xsd:string
lieutenancy (edit) lieutenancy PopulatedPlace xsd:string
lieutenancyArea (edit) Lieutenancy area PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
lifeExpectancy (edit) life expectancy PopulatedPlace xsd:string
localPhonePrefix (edit) local phone prefix PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
locality (edit) locality of a switzerland settlement Settlement xsd:string
localizationThumbnail (edit) thumbnail localization PopulatedPlace owl:Thing
localizationThumbnailCaption (edit) legend thumbnail localization PopulatedPlace xsd:string
lowestPoint (edit) lowest point Settlement Place
mergedSettlement (edit) merged settlement Settlement Settlement
metropolitanBorough (edit) metropolitan borough PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
minority (edit) minority Settlement Group
nation (edit) nation PopulatedPlace xsd:string
neighboringMunicipality (edit) neighboring municipality PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
nisCode (edit) NIS code PopulatedPlace xsd:string Indexing code used by the Belgium National Statistical Institute to identify populated places.
numberOfCantons (edit) Number Of Cantons PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfCapitalDeputies (edit) Number Of Capital Deputies PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfCounties (edit) number of counties PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfFederalDeputies (edit) Number Of Federal Deputies PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfMunicipalities (edit) Number Of Municipalities PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
numberOfStateDeputies (edit) Number Of State Deputies PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
officialLanguage (edit) official language PopulatedPlace Language
officialName (edit) official name Settlement rdf:langString
ofsCode (edit) ofs code of a settlement Settlement xsd:string Identifier used by the Swiss Federal Institute for Statistics
okatoCode (edit) okato code PopulatedPlace xsd:string Code used to indentify populated places in Russia
oldDistrict (edit) old district PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
oldName (edit) old name PopulatedPlace xsd:string
oldProvince (edit) old province PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
ons (edit) ONS ID (Office national des statistiques) Algeria Settlement xsd:nonNegativeInteger
otherInformation (edit) other information of a settlement Settlement xsd:string
otherLanguage (edit) other language of a settlement Settlement xsd:string
otherName (edit) other name PopulatedPlace rdf:langString
outskirts (edit) outskirts PopulatedPlace xsd:string
parish (edit) parish PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
peopleName (edit) peopleName PopulatedPlace rdf:langString Name for the people inhabiting a place, eg Ankara->Ankariotes, Bulgaria->Bulgarians
perCapitaIncome (edit) per capita income PopulatedPlace Currency
perCapitaIncomeAsOf (edit) per capita income as of PopulatedPlace xsd:date
perCapitaIncomeRank (edit) per capital income rank PopulatedPlace xsd:string
percentageLiteracyMen (edit) percentage of a place's male population that is literate, degree of analphabetism PopulatedPlace xsd:float
percentageLiteracyWomen (edit) percentage of a place's female population that is literate, degree of analphabetism PopulatedPlace xsd:float
percentageLiterate (edit) percentage of a place's population that is literate, degree of analphabetism PopulatedPlace xsd:float
phonePrefix (edit) phone prefix PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger Don't use this, use areaCode
phonePrefixLabel (edit) phone prefix label of a settlement Settlement rdf:langString
pluviometry (edit) pluviometry PopulatedPlace xsd:string
policeName (edit) police name PopulatedPlace xsd:string The police detachment serving a UK place, eg Wakefield -> "West Yorkshire Police"
politicGovernmentDepartment (edit) politic government department PopulatedPlace owl:Thing
politicalMajority (edit) political majority Settlement PoliticalParty
politicalSeats (edit) political seats Settlement xsd:nonNegativeInteger
population (edit) population PopulatedPlace Population all the inhabitants of a particular place; ex: 14200
populationAsOf (edit) population as of PopulatedPlace xsd:date
populationDensity (edit) population density PopulatedPlace PopulationDensity
populationMetro (edit) population metro PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationMetroDensity (edit) population metro density PopulatedPlace PopulationDensity
populationPctChildren (edit) population percentage under 12 years PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationPctMen (edit) population percentage male PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationPctWomen (edit) population percentage female PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationRural (edit) population rural PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationRuralDensity (edit) population density rural PopulatedPlace PopulationDensity
populationTotalRanking (edit) total population ranking PopulatedPlace xsd:positiveInteger
populationTotalReference (edit) total population reference Settlement owl:Thing
populationUrban (edit) population urban PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
populationUrbanDensity (edit) population urban density PopulatedPlace PopulationDensity
populationYear (edit) population year PopulatedPlace xsd:string
previousDemographics (edit) previous demographics PopulatedPlace Demographics
previousName (edit) previous name PopulatedPlace xsd:string
previousPopulation (edit) previous population PopulatedPlace Population
previousPopulationTotal (edit) previous population total PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
principalArea (edit) principal area PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
protestantPercentage (edit) protestant percentage PopulatedPlace xsd:string
provCode (edit) prove code Settlement xsd:string
provinceIsoCode (edit) iso code of a province PopulatedPlace xsd:string
purchasingPowerParity (edit) purchasing power parity PopulatedPlace xsd:string
purchasingPowerParityRank (edit) purchasing power parity rank PopulatedPlace xsd:string
purchasingPowerParityYear (edit) purchasing power parity year PopulatedPlace xsd:string
rankArea (edit) rank of an area PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
rankPopulation (edit) rank of a population PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
reffBourgmestre (edit) referent bourgmestre Settlement Person
regionalLanguage (edit) regional language PopulatedPlace Language
saint (edit) saint PopulatedPlace Saint
sameName (edit) same name Settlement rdf:langString
senior (edit) senior PopulatedPlace xsd:string
seniunija (edit) seniunija PopulatedPlace xsd:string
settlementAttached (edit) settlement attached Settlement Place
sharingOutPopulation (edit) sharing out population PopulatedPlace xsd:nonNegativeInteger
sharingOutPopulationYear (edit) sharing out year PopulatedPlace xsd:string
sheading (edit) sheading PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
simcCode (edit) SIMC code PopulatedPlace owl:Thing Should be a datatype property
summerTemperature (edit) summer temperature Settlement Temperature
termOfOffice (edit) term of office PopulatedPlace xsd:string
terytCode (edit) TERYT code PopulatedPlace owl:Thing indexing code used by the Polish National Official Register of the Territorial Division of the Country (TERYT) to identify various entities
topic (edit) topic PopulatedPlace xsd:string
touristicSite (edit) touristic site PopulatedPlace Place
twinTown (edit) twin city Settlement Settlement
unitaryAuthority (edit) unitary authority PopulatedPlace PopulatedPlace
urbanArea (edit) urban area Settlement xsd:string
viceLeader (edit) vice leader PopulatedPlace Person
viceLeaderParty (edit) vice leader party PopulatedPlace PoliticalParty
watercourse (edit) watercourse PopulatedPlace xsd:string
wilaya (edit) wilaya Settlement Place
winterTemperature (edit) winter temperature Settlement Temperature
zipCode (edit) zip code PopulatedPlace xsd:string